It Has Begun

I think it has begun. Somehow the comos align or something in my brain clicks and says “I actually want to eat healthy”. Here we go again on the path towards skinny. Seems like too long a journey to begin but I guess every single step is a good step, every pound lost will make me feel better. Once I get to that fabulous size 7 again I can look back and say “well done Leah, you rock my world”.

I really think being over weight is a waste of my time. Do I want to look back on my 20’s and regret that I spent it with that muffin top or do I want to look back at my 20’s being fabulous and healthy? It’s my only time to be young so I guess I’d better make it so I feel as young as possible.

What actually made my brain switch? I watched Georgia Rule and whatsherskinnyface was wearing amazing clothes, and then I was thinking of all the clothes I was wearing before Isaac came into my body. I felt so good in my mini skirt and leggings, in my 80’s sweaters with racer back tanks. I love to feel that good. There’s only like 9 more available mini skirt years, I need to use them wisely.

Really, my quest isn’t jut for skinny. It’s for peace of mind, it’s for health, it’s for the future Leah being able to enjoy her older years without heart disease or whatever else fat makes you. It’s for my children to be proud of their mom and to see a good example of a healthy lifestyle.

Truthfully, when I wrote the post What’s Real Beauty? I meant it and I still feel the same way. I really do. I don’t look at my stretch marks with as much hatred. My body looks the way it’s supposed to in that regard. When A-cups fill with milk and turn into double D’s, change will happen.

So, I really think it has begun, the quest for skinny, for health and for that adorable mini skirt that I purchased only a year ago.

PS I updated my Weight Loss Progress page…I couldn’t do it without a shirt on….perhaps in 10 pounds or so.

And for something a little different….

Told you he can sing it. It’s actually him not doing a very good job of it,he really picks it up at the end though. He was pretty distracted. I’ll make a better one when I get the chance to.


  1. Yay for the brain switch! I too don’t want to look back at my twenties with that regret (though I’m quickly running out of “twenties ;(
    I wonder if getting into shape now will mean a more energetic and healthy 30s and 40s too. We’d be ahead of the game instead of inline or behind.
    Thanks for blogging so honestly about this. You are inspiring me to try much harder

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