Great Trip

Well, we are back to the grind after a lovely May Long Weekend at my parent’s house.  Gosh, it’s so stinking beautiful out there.  So quiet and the air smells so nice.  It still feels like home to me.

My parents were AMAZING in making their house 100% peanut free for us.  They just took the afternoon before we came and got rid of anything that was unsafe.  Silas left without a hive and it was really nice to relax and know that he is safe.  They also have a nephew with a peanut allergy so they just wanted to start practicing so that we can totally trust them to have our kids there.

We kept really busy.  There was a parade that Silas really enjoyed.  He didn’t grumble when we fought off all the nice people doling out candy.  I need to learn to do a good karate chop so I can injure them before their hands reach him :).  HIYA…buzz off!!  Ya I know…they have no clue…I’d love to be oblivious to peanut allergies as well.

My mom and I went to a nursery and bought a bunch of plants and filled her pots full.  Silas and Ikey spent lots of naked time peeing and running through the sprinklers.  Silas pooped on the lawn.  Mark kept picking dandilions trying to get rib of them…but then they just came back the next day in full bloom.  That lawn time was great for Isaac’s walking.  He learned how to stand up on his own now.  He’ll be walking full time in a matter of weeks now.  Brat.

Silas woke up fairly early each morning so we cuddled him and then sent him to my parents room.  He’d just walk in the door and climb into bed with them.  They love that.  They’d usually get Ikey in there too and have a little party.  Then Mark would bring us an amazing americano that he’d make with his espresso machine.  Yum.  Mark made some excellent breakfasts too…mmmmm…fooooood.

We had delicious food.  Mom and I were gardening so we got the guys to make supper.  Brent made a great spinach salad with strawberries and grapes and Mark made wicked ribs.  We also had steak the night before and I made a yummy blue cheese and parmesean cheese sauce with scallops to pour over the steak.  Yummers.

Anyway, the trip was grand.  Very relaxing with very good food.  Perfect.  I wish I lived out there.  Perhaps one day we’ll be able to move out there and make the same amount of money.  The houses there are still so cheap.  We could buy a nice, big house right now instead of this tiny thing.  Brent really likes it out there too.  Just so pretty and quiet and delicious.  Not too far from where we live now.  Just about a 4 hour drive.

I don’t have any photos because I forgot my CF card for my camera.  Mark should be sending me the photos soon…right MARK!?  And then you can see my cuties all nude (almost) and playing in the water.


  1. Oh, that sounded so relaxing and refreshing all wrapped into one. It was 43C here yesterday. A record! We got into bed last night with the AC blowing and the ceiling fan on high and Rick asked, “Why do we live here?” We have too many warm Canadian summer memories to fully enjoy it here yet.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful mini-vacation! The wonderful Kootenays are only 5.5 ish hrs from you and they are wonderful as well. I could really use a decent hair dresser over here!!

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