There, it’s done, I’m branded with delicious filigree. I was a big old bag of nerves all day yesterday. The first line he did actually didn’t hurt one bit. But then other places were agony, especially closer to my spine. I don’t think I could be one of those people to get a massive tattoo with loads of ink because the little bit he did near my spine made me very cranky. I was trying to breathe deeply but then I was just getting dizzy. The rest of it was fine though, some parts actually felt cool…on my fleshier bits and bobbles.

I really think they should have something for us more modest types. I had to sit there in my BRA with one boob half hanging out. I was clutching my shirt against myself rather tightly…and I’m actually not even one of the more modest types. They need to get gowns or something…

Anyway, I really love it. I love how he placed it and how he changed the funny things at the end of the swirls. He placed it at a bit of an angle and it flows with the body really well. He also made the lines a lot thinner than I thought he would. I was thankful because that would have hurt SO MUCH MORE.

The dude had awful chair side manner. He was nice enough but he just didn’t want to talk. Brent and I tried but no such luck. It kinda sucks when someone is doing something so personal to you. He just kept giving us one word answers. Booooo.

Thank you to my siblings and mom and to Gord and Roselle for sending me the birthday money and not minding that I get this with it :).  My other birthday money went into clothes and some of my spa day.  I haven’t spent the stuff from Grans and Grumps yet :).  I want new dishes because mine are breaking and chipping so I think that money will go there :).  Love you all!!  I sure love birthday moolah!

Anyway, I’m gunna go. Silas is in the shower as we just had a massive poop incident. So massive I don’t even feel like talking about it. Ooo ya, we’re off to see my mom and Mark this weekend! Yay…road trip!


  1. Your welcome.

    BTW, have you considered Correlle dishes? They’re very durable and practical. Not sure if they’re organic, though. But at least their durability keeps them out of landfills longer. You really should consider them.

  2. Oh weird. I didn’t.

    Must be because I meant to write you a message on facebook about it yesterday, the first time I saw the pictures

    I do like it though. Seems like the type of tatty that suits you -though I really don’t know what a tattoo that suits you means. But just by knowing what I know about you, it seems like the perfect Leah tattoo.

    two thumbs up!

  3. My previous comment was “what a waste”. Now I can only add, “throwing money away and getting tortured at the same time is really silly”. (I had to say that to maintain my grumpy status, right?)

    P.S. Have a good long week end and trip. Love

  4. Beautiful tattoo! When you posted the tattoo design, I was going to say – make sure you check out the artist’s work because only certain people can pull that kind of design off, it’s a tricky one! Long, fine lines and so on.

    Further, in defense of the guy not talking to you, this tattoo is a tricky one to do, it takes a lot of concentration and when the customer talks, even the smallest movement – them nodding their head, turning to their friend, moving in the slightest degree – can make it SO much harder to execute. It’s in a tricky spot too – where movement can make one line go wobbly (in a very noticeable way!)

    Though I also understand why you’d want him to make the experience special! I just thought I’d pipe up with my opinion, and why I *think* he may have been untalkative 😀

    Really, truly stunning tattoo, something I’d get myself.

  5. Ok, so you know what I think of tattoos, but I must say, you picked a lovely, delicate pattern that I would like to copy in my scrapbooks. That’s the supreme highest compliment from me, by the way. It’s called scraplifting, but I’ve never scraplifted a tattoo before.

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