D Day

Ugh, my heart is pounding.  I had just sat down to write when I heard a knock on the door.  There was some Jehovah’s Witnesses there, Lord bless them for their dedication to their religion, but I’m quite happy with my own beliefs.  I just get all flustered because now I have to stop them short so they don’t waste their time on me which means I have to get a little…you know.  I was very polite but I panicked a little when he was persistent.  I seriously admire their dedication, it’s just always hard for me to get them away from my door without feeling all my internal whatever-it-is about confrontation.

I’m doing the dumbest thing right now, I’m having a cup of coffee.  Now on any other day that would be alright (even though I’m no longer a daily coffee drinker…go green tea!) but seeing that I’m terrified about my branding session that’ll be happening in t-minus 3 hours, I shouldn’t be having a substance that makes me extra jittery.  But it’s oh-so-delicious.

Yes, my tattoo is happening today.  I’m very excited to have it, just not excited about the pain.  The burning, stinging, tearing feeling.  Not my favorite but better than labor.

My Grandpa raised a good point about spending money on a tatty after I talked about us buying used things for our kids because they grow out of them so quickly.  Yes, a tattoo is extremely frivolous.  I agree.  So is watching TV and spending extra money on heated seats in your car and coloring our hair and even having two bathrooms.  Gosh, in the realm of all of the world, even having more than one tap of running water is nuts, and HOT water??  Holy cow!!  We lived a charmed life in North America.  Getting tattoos is a thing I get a great enjoyment from.  I think women with tattoos look beautiful (as long as it’s a nice tattoo) and I am very attracted to men with them as well.  I just hardly ever buy myself anything, I don’t get a cut, color and perm every 6 weeks, I actually don’t color my hair, I never buy myself new clothes, makeup, jewelry or anything like that on a regular basis.  I do my own nails, I do my own waxing (and everyone else’s) I’ve never had a pedicure and I own nothing with an expensive brand name on it.  So, in my mind, I feel slightly justified in purchasing something that I have been wanting for soooooooo long.  That’s just me though.  We all have things that are important to us.  I don’t care if my bag says Gucci or Joe but I’d really like a nice tattoo :).  But I do admit, it’s frivolous…but I’m gunna do it anyway :).  Gosh, I’m so not normally a rebel.

My poor grandparents, I’m really scared to see the shocking things my Grandchildren are going to be doing.  I hope it’s just as harmless…what other weird things can we think of?  I love you Grans and Grumps!! kiss kiss kiss!!  Here’s some photos of your adorable great grandchildren to make up for it :).

This was last week at the park.  We had a picnic

Ikey didn’t eat much….just a dandelion

she loves me she loves me not

serious playing

lets hit my little brother on the head with the ball

His shorts fell down.  I forgot his belt.  The little boy is getting so skinny!

pondering life.  He reminds me of my Uncle Marlon and Uncle Gary here (when there were wee bairns).  What do you think?


  1. I agree and you said all that so well. (And I HATE tattoos) We all have our little things we like and want. Are your kids starving, needing, anything like that? Nope. So you’re good to go. A little fun for yourself is much needed, enjoyed and okay! Can’t wait to see it!! Maybe a nice stiff drink before you go 🙂 Or at least a fun one 🙂

  2. I agree – North Americans spend so much on frivolous things – we have absolutely no idea what is truly a necessity. I’m trying to get less attached to stuff … and entertainment. But it’s hard. Sooooo hard.

  3. I think you’ll look hot with a tattoo! Can’t wait to see it! And I LOOOVE the pics of your boys! So handsome.

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