Ikey Bikey Boo

Isaac (Ikey, puppy, bear, buffalo, Ikey Okie Oh, Ikey Bikey Boo, Ike-aroni, zazazoozoo, chim chim)  has decided his little feet are made for walkin and is using them for that quite often now.  The little munchkin.  WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS ANYWAY!???  Sorry.  He’s just so cute and naughty.  He does this little side step thing and makes his way here and there.  If he’s walking for a long time he starts giggling because he’s so excited.  He usually then opens his mouth too far and then falls down.  As much as I love having a little baby around, I’m going to be glad to have him walk holding my hand instead of toting around the big chunk of ham everywhere.  That boy weighs a ton!

He needs things in his hands, he needs to go, he can’t sit still, he can’t cuddle.  He’s up and at em or he’s sleeping.  When he’s nursing he’s wiggling and kicking and pinching and on and on.  When he’s done nursing he sits straight up and go go goes.  Must do more STUFF.

His little chompers are coming through so fast now.  He’s actually teething really well aside from his dreadful eczema but even that could be much much worse (I hear it sometimes oozes).  He’s got 5 teeth and #6 is starting to show itself a little bit.  I’m glad he’s teething a bit sooner than Silas, get it over with!!  Silas is JUST cutting his two year molars…grrrrr.

Ikey’s favorite food has got to be pasta with tomato sauce.  He gets this look on his face and he just eats and eats and eats and eats.  He actually spends a lot of time eating ha ha.  Kinda like his mommy :).  That boy has been so good with solid foods.  I bought maybe 10 cans of baby food and a few boxes of rice cereal but he didn’t really want to be fed and he wanted to eat our food.  Of course I was cautious but he is the best little masticater in the world (he chews food better than Silas) and so he eats what we eat.  I guess Organic food for the first year was out of the question with this boy.  Silas was eating organic baby food from a jar until he was about 13 or 14 months old.  He’s a dreadful little chewer.

Last night Brent forgot about Isaac’s chewing skills and decided that it would be a very good idea to stick a rice puff to the tip of his tongue and feed it to Isaac (ya I think it’s weird too).  Isaac went for it and bit his tongue so hard that he bled.  I wasn’t there to see but I heard Brent giggling hysterically.  Don’t feed babies with your tongue!

Isaac is trying his hand at disagreeing with me.  He enjoying squacking loudly while arching his back.  Thankfully he’s not showing as much “spirit” as Silas has by bashing his head on the floor.  I’ll take the arching back any day.

Ikey likes to copy people.  He really observes and then he proudly does it himself.  He pushes cars around the floor like a pro, just like Silas does.  If he gets his naughty little fingers on a brush or a comb then he’s running it through his hair.  If Silas crawls around and barks like a dog then so does Isaac.  I love to see him do that.  He observes really really well.  I have a feeling he might be at my feet for the next 4 years wanting to do everything with me.  We’ll see.

Ikey’s love for music is very different than Silas’.  Just as cute though :).  Music seems to calm Silas but it excites Ikey and he dances quite frequently.  He loves to bounce and bop and he’ll stand and rock back and forth with his big, shiny grin.  So so so cute.

He thinks that shaking his head no like a wild beast is one of the funniest things ever.  This morning he was doing it and pieces of oatmeal that were stuck to his face were flying off and hitting the walls.  He also thinks it’s really funny to breathe in and out of his nose with a lot of force.  He scrunches his little face up and goes for it.  It hasn’t been fun since he’s had a little cold this past week.

He’s kind of starting to talk more.  Not lots though.  Mama and Dada come out of his mouth a little but he makes up his own words that he likes.  Like “DAT” and “UPF”.  Perhaps we should be speaking German with him?

His newest thing is pointing at stuff.  It’s really cute especially because Silas never pointed at anything in his life.  I’ve been pointing at things and saying “what’s that?” so Ikey points and says “a dat?” and it’s the cutest thing in the world.

I love my boys.  I love their differences and their similarities.  I love that they’re so much their own person and I hope I can continue to nurture that in them.  They’re so opposite and I really really love that.  It’s hard to write things like this without labeling them but I want to let them grow into what they want to grow into and not what I perceive them as being.  Right now Silas seems like my emotional creative boy, he’s never been fully “typical” but I love that about him.  Isaac does a lot of thinking and he likes to copy people and he likes playing with toys the proper way.  Looks like I have a left brain and a right brain on my hands.  BUT I’m not labeling…just observing…(K Jill?? ha ha).  It’s good if it’s that way though, one for each parent.  Brent’s the linear logical person who’s brain and memories are filed away in perfect order and I’m the emotional creative person who’s thoughts and memories resemble jambalaya or scrambled eggs.

Anyway, I hope that catches you up on my children, I definitely talk about me too much ha ha.

PS I’m getting my tattoo tomorrow and you can’t stop me neener neener neener!!


  1. Oh sugar-booger – you are such a doll and I love love love you. I love it when you watch me ever so closely and then move your face in even closer for a really good look. Your mommy forgot to talk about your funny funny hair. Your little old man mohawk thingy is the cutest ever. You are extremely squishable and you don’t seem to mind my tight tight hugs – as long as they are brief and you can get going again quickly. Hugs and kisses forever.

  2. Ikey sounds like Ava, she is a master of eating as well. We’re still waiting on more teeth though. She only has two and they are taking forever to come in all the way!

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