Silas Max

Silas is a darling little boy. Sometimes I find his interests to be rather unorthodox for a two and a half year old chap but that’s what I love about him. He doesn’t model himself much as other people but he just does what he wants to do. He’s just Silas.

Silas knows our laundry routine like the back of his hand. He ASKS to do the laundry and he helps me with every step. Who knew a little guy like him would be so in love with the laundry. It always makes his day when we use bleach. At night and before naps Silas insists on kissing the soap boxes goodnight.

Another interest of Silas’ is cooking. I hardly can cook anything without him grabbing and chair and coming over to help me. The boy can name a lot of ingredients and takes a special interest in the “banilla”. He knows a few recipes like how I make scrambled eggs and he knows how to make oatmeal. He often asks to make cookies or brownies or dumplings (“dumpalines”). I love that he likes cooking him and I’ll continue to teach him for the sake of him and his future wife 🙂

Silas really like shapes and colors. I think his favorite shape would be a crescent. Whenever we do coloring he always makes me draw all the shapes he knows (circle, square, oval, rectangle, triangle, crescent, star, heart…) and then he makes me draw ceiling fans and snowmen. Sometimes he gets on a roll and asks me to draw every person he loves. I’m glad his one wall is covered in chalk board because it’s a big task. He’s now responsible enough to take out his crayons and coloring cook and color with them, use only a few crayons at a time, clean up after himself and put everything away. I need to get him to apply that to the rest of his play time.

Silas is getting better at counting things and can now go all the way to 20. I love watching him count, it’s cute.

His musical abilities are continuing to stretch and grow. He blew my mind on Saturday when I came home and him and Brent were playing the guitar. Silas was strumming in (almost) perfect time. He was also anticipating the cord changes and sometimes added his own stylistic bits that fit into the song very well. He sustains some chords but anticipates when the next one is coming, it’s rather incredible. He can also sing at the same time 🙂 I dunno about you but I think that’s a leeetle brag-worthy. It made me cry. We’re going to get him a small guitar for his birthday so he can play with Brent. We wont get him a super expensive one until he proves that he can be responsible with it and is showing more interest in it. His musical abilities make me so happy. I’m hoping that I can nurture them properly and not put too much pressure on him about it.

Silas is a little mixed up still with the English language. He’ll ask for something the way I’d ask him if he wanted something. Like he’ll say “do you want some lunch?”. I was so proud of myself when I got him to say “yes please” to something instead of just repeating my question to me. But now when he says “do you want some water?” and then I say “may I have some water please?” he says “YES” and then I say it again and he says “YES PLEASE”. I’m stuck as to where we go next with that one…

Wow I didn’t realize that this would turn into such a long post.

Now Silas’ other passion, next to his laundry fascination, is candles. He probably asks to light the candles about 50-100 times a day. He loves them sooooo much. He usually asks to kiss them goodnight every night and he also thanks Jesus for them (names each one by its color) during his bed time prayers. One time I was cooking and I let him stand on a chair beside me and look at a candle that I lit. He just blows it out and I re-light it and he’s happy as a clam. Afterwards someone noticed that all his bangs were singed…oooopsie.

Oh how I could go on and on about my little Silas. I don’t go on and on enough about him on this blog and thus the reason for his post. I just love him to bits and I just love that he’s just himself. I love that he’s interested in weird things and that he says hi to everyone he sees. He is such a wonderful, sensitive human and I’m just so excited to watch him grow. I pray that he keeps that soft innocence in his face, his love for other humans, his affectionate nature, his love for his brother and that twinkle in his eye.

Tune in tomorrow for IKEY!


  1. “stylistic bits” OR “si-alistic bits”?? Ha ha. I hate puns. Sorry. But I love that funny little blond boy with the singed bangs who gave me 75 kisses in a row yesterday.

  2. man that is one cute kid! this was an awesome post! my oldest is definitely his own little person too. his favorites include…. garage door openers (he can tell you what’s best about each brand and which you should have), sprinklers (he loves to water the lawn), under-ground sprinklers (he can fix them and knows about how to plan them all out), anything electrical, motorized, whatever. He once made his friends sit and watch the video on our new washer to see how it works. He was explaining everything and getting all excited saying OOOOH and watch this! They were sitting there staring at him I’m sure thinking he was crazy as all get out! He too is very good at helping me – I love it. Although he’s growing out of wanting to wash dishes and help with laundry. Darn.

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