My Weekend

Happy belated Mother’s Day all!!

I hope that you all had a nice day.

My day went fairly well.  I think my favorite part was setting up my new compost bin.  The city I live in puts on an event every year where you take a work shop on composting and then you can buy a bin.  They subsidize them so it was only 35 buckaroos.  Lots of earth friendly stuff is subsidized through my city.  You should check out your city too.  Here they give you $125 if you buy new lower flow toilets.  I also bought this box for $10 which had 2 low flow shower heads, some low flow stuff for my taps, two bags that you fill with water and stick in your toilet tank so it uses less water and then a few other things.  Pretty neato hey?

Anyway, yesterday I set it up and went out to the park to get a bunch of leaves for my “brown matter” and I used a bunch of the left over sod we had and I got it all started.  I’m composting for my sister too, she’s keeping all of her food clippings.  She’s living in an apartment so it’s kinda easier for her to just bring them to me on our weekly dates.

Gosh, sorry, this may not be very exciting but composting just makes my heart full of glee.  Last August I wrote this and ever since then it has killed me to throw out food scraps.

Totally different topic now, on Saturday I had another photography client.  It has really inspired me to start my own business.  I get such a high from doing it and it makes me feel really good to make money as well.  It’s just giving me a purpose outside of being a mom.  So soon Leah Shannon Photography will be up and running and growing and hopefully it’ll be great.  It’s nice to start a business without worrying about making enough money.  I think I’ll put a lot of the money back into the business so I can start charging more.  I’ll start taking classes and buying more toys and pretty much it’ll be a massive tax write off the first year…yay.

The end.


  1. the thing is my darling, is that putting those guns for shooting my mother who’s actually a robot into the garbage just places them in a wretched landfill and they don’t actually really get to decompose. By composting you get to make them useful and you don’t put so much stuff into that dump of yours.

    PS Don’t put in any nougat bars.

    PPSS sorry to the people who have no clue what I’m talking about. I spent way too much time with this person during my crazy years.

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