I feel a cold coming on. THANKS IKEY!! Poopy baby gave me a cold.

So Wednesday morning I woke up and stepped out on my deck that’s attached to my bedroom to admire my planters on my fence and one was GONE!!! I was ticked beyond belief and I ran downstairs and out my gate hoping to find it had only fallen down and not had been stolen. (I have to change a poo bum…darn Silas…eww that was gross) There was my poor pot, all toppled over. It was tipped towards the fence so someone obviously took it down and dumped it. I was so sad. I think I managed to save all the plants though. I’ve put them on my neighboring fences so the little brats that are bored and wandering in the night don’t cause me any more grief! Who does that kinda thing? Gosh people are so DUMB!!!

So I have another challenge for you. I heard last July that you could put a little sign in your mailbox asking for no flyers. It took me this long to actually do it but it does work, you don’t get any!! I ALWAYS just get rid of mine (recycle) but I thought if I did that and perhaps got more people to do that then maybe they’d stop making so many?

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”- Ghandi

Hearing that quote on Grey’s Anatomy last week actually really inspired me…oddness. Brent and I just looked at each other and said “hmmmm”.

Anyway, try it if you don’t use those pesky flyers and tell me about it. Perhaps send me a photo of it? Perhaps get one more person to do it?

The other day when I wrote my “shoulds” list I was really thrown off. I was in a bit of a hole for a few days. My counselor wanted me to do it just so she could see how many shoulds I actually have. What they were wasn’t so much the issue I don’t think. I’m having trouble with our last session. I kinda realized the vision I have of myself in my head really isn’t me. I’ve almost been living in denial of who I really am for some reason. I think part of me feeling so many shoulds is that all my life I hard time feeling like I met people’s expectations for me. I didn’t get good grades, I was a loner a lot of the time, church leadership always seemed annoyed by me…K I kinda felt like I annoyed everyone…etc. So that’s one theory. So now it’s time to focus on all the good things I do. I kind of feel like I’m on a journey to some sort of higher self awareness. Right now my mind, heart, and spirit aren’t communicating with each other very well. That’s actually EXACTLY how I feel. Interesting.

Anyway, I write about my mental health because I’m hoping that someone else might feel the same as I do and perhaps find some connection or perhaps some inspiration? I’m not totally looking for advise unless you feel like I really need it. Sometimes getting advise just makes me feel worse though. I think understanding is what I’m looking for. Not just for me but understanding from me to other people. But if you have some neat factoids like what Courtenay is giving me then I la la la love that too.

This is getting lengthy. Have a good weekend and Happy Mother’s Day all you amazing mothers out there!!


  1. I know we don’t really know each other but I just wanted to say thanks for your honesty in your posts. It beckons me, I think I soak up the grace within it.

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