Colors in Music

Do any of you see colors when someone sings a song? Do songs have certain colors? This morning Silas told me the colors of all the songs we sing. He started off by telling me that All My Lovin by the Beatles was an array of colors. Then I asked him about Twinkle Twinkle and he said “orange” and Jesus Loves Me is “black”. Alriiiiiiiighty.

I know that Justmakingitupasigo has a color for every day of the week sooooo, perhaps he’s not crazy? I’m chalking it up to either two year old antics or that he actually sees colors flowing from my mouth when I sing and that makes him a musical prodigy :). Perhaps that’s why he likes it so much?

This morning was lovely though, they both slept in and my sister Juliet’s phone call (asking me how many dozen eggs I needed from the farmer) woke me up at 9. I then wondered if the little chap was alive so I went into his room and he calmly said “hi” as he laid there playing with his stuffed lion. We had a miraculous cuddle in my bed where he’d wrap his little arms all around me and pull me in close to him. We sang lots of songs and I think he sang Gingerbread Boy like 80 times all the way through. I love hearing him sing “he was made from ginger, sugar and spice”. So stinking cute!!! He also gave me kisses for every color he could think of, “blue kiss *smooch*, red kiss…*smooch”. We kiss about lots of things.

Anyway, it was a spectacular morning snug.

Oooo I must also tell you that the last night Brent and I were watching Americal Idol and we heard a loud thunk above our heads. We both raced to rescue our son from an obvious fall from his bed. When we got there like 8 seconds later he was already back in bed and dozing off to sleep. We were obviously more shaken then he was!

Silas just came and sat on my lap and said “and the purple close your eyes (his name for All My Lovin) and the yellow close your eyes”.  Weeeeiiiirrrdo


  1. Look up synesthesia. I just finished studying it. It’s not bad. There’s a percentage of people that associate 2 senses together. not like when smells remind you of something cause thats a different thing, but if you can taste a colour or see a different colour for a different number. It’s kinda cool. Wiki has good article on it too. Read it!

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