All Over the Place

Silas is an angry mad man this morning.  He was also an angry mad man yesterday morning as well.  He hardly ate yesterday and today he’s eating more but he’s still an angry little booger head.  Isaac and I have both been beat on and kicked.  I hate it when he gets like this.  I’m chalking it up to all of his two year molars coming in and I have medicated him for it.

He’s happy right now though.  He’s looking through my novels on the book shelf beside me.  He has one slipper on.  He’s so cute…but so ANGRY!!!

Isaac is mister “I’m a toddler now”.  Yup.  Just pretty much walks all over unless he’s got to get somewhere fast.  Then he crawls but one foot goes flat on the floor, we call it his turbo foot.  He really only uses it for going fast.  It’s pretty cute.  I must admit my excitement for being able to take him somewhere and hold his hand instead of carrying him everywhere.  I do have the feeling that he wont want to hold hands though.

My tattoo is so ITCHY!!!  Grrrrr, and I can’t scratch it.  The paper they gave me said to slap the area which I’ve been doing a little, it does help.  I think my seatbelt mangled the little curl on my shoulder a bit.  The scab came a little loose and it’s lighter in color under there.  I’ll just wait until my next tattoo to get it touched up a bit.  They usually do it for free then cuz it’s real quick.  Yes…I will be getting another tatty.  I should have a contest to get people to design it for me or something.  I want my boys names on my arm between my wrist and elbow and I want it to be black (I’m a black kinda girl) and I want it to look pretty.  I’m thinking of having their names in the original Greek and Hebrew.  I dunnoo…it needs to be just as striking as my back tatty though.

Yes, tatts are very very very addicting and yes, I will have lots of them.  This image was my second choice for my back so I’m thinking I might still get it somewhere also.

I like it lots and lots too.  I’d made a few changes though.  Sorry, I can talk about tattoos for a long time :).  I might JUST get their names in greek and Hebrew with nothing fancy.  Silas’ would be Greek and Ikey is Hebrew I believe.  Right???  The NT was in Greek??

Anyway, I’m having trouble figuring out what to do with myself today.  I might finish my little project that I’m working on.  I’m just trying to get a binder of a bunch of good recipes that are super healthy and inexpensive so that I can have them at my fingertips.  I want to pre plan 2 weeks of meals and shop for 2 weeks at a time.  Hopefully we can save some money again that way.  Pre planning meals works really well for that.

Alrighty, I’m totally all over the place.  Have a nice day and leave some stinking comments.  It’s been rather lonely over here!!


  1. Man I wish I could get on the ball and pre-plan my meals again. It’s so tricky. The tatty is lovely. Can’t you pick something dumb so I can make fun of it and say OMG See why I think tatty’s are so stupid! hahahaha But nooooo you go and pick all these cool designs that are TOTALLY MY style. Wow… I’m standing at my window and some lady just drove by picking her nose like crazy! Yummy. Anyway…. My oldest is angry alot. One tiny joke or comment totally could send him over the edge. And then it’s an all out screaming ordeal.

  2. Ha ha sorry. You should get one too. You can copy me if you want to 🙂 That lady picking her nose might have been me…good thing I wasn’t out driving today…or living near you…

    check out the cook book Crazy plates, I’m using it for ideas, super good food. Healthy too. I also just ordered Eat, Shrink and Be Merry by the same people. You get two for one right now. Just google crazy plates 🙂

  3. 1) Yes the New Testament was in Greek 🙂

    2) You make me want a tattoo. I love yours. I also love YOU!

  4. Tattoos are cool. How do you get the guts to pick something you will have forever? I have a hard time choosing a necklace or a belt. Yet I gauge my ears. I’m weird. I’d get a tattoo if I could pick something sweet and pretty. I dunno. One of my youth got his shoulder capped with a huge Jesus Tat. Its rad. Emily doesn’t think it’s Jesus, she thinks it’s this other guy in my youth with long hair.

  5. I think that you get what you like right now as long as you’ve liked it for a long time and as long as it’s not trendy. I see it as a mark from a time in your life, it’s a reminder of where you were at that time. Kind of like a piece of time that gets to stay with you always.

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