My Fat, Fat Isaac

I’m a little late on writing the blog today.  Isaac had a good, long nurse and fell asleep.  I didn’t want to put him down after.  It’s so nice to kiss a baby’s lips when they’re sleeping.  Their breath smells so sweet and their lips and all soft and squishy.  I swear my kids both get like 500 kisses a day…each.  I’ve especially been enjoying Ikey’s soft soft cheeks.  They’re just dying to be squished.

Isaac has been progressing rather gracefully.  I think he’s going through a growth spurt right now, as if he needs one.  His poops have slowed down, he’s eating more often and he’s sleeping a lot.  I don’t know why his body thinks it needs to grow more, he’s just massive.  I’m looking into my crystal ball and seeing a new car seat in the near future.

I’ve really been working on Isaac’s sitting.  The other night I sat him up by himself and he stayed there for quite some time.  He was even counter balancing himself.  Sometimes he’d over-do it and fall over the other way.  Ha ha.  Nothing quite like watching the fat fat baby try and keep himself upright.

I’ve started giving him a little rice cereal every night.  He sure loves it.  We use Heinz organic brown rice cereal (I don’t see what good it does to give your baby white rice cereal, it’s so bad for your digestive tract).  He gets too excited about eating though, his arms just go and go and go.  Last night I finally gave up because he was wiggling SO much.  Him and I were covered in rice cereal at the end of it.  I don’t know how much ended up in is mouth.  He just couldn’t stop moving about.  The spoon kept getting hit with his flailing limbs, sending the rice cereal all over the place.  Perhaps I should tie those little limbs down (what do you think Roselle?).

It baffles me when I tell someone Isaac’s age.  I can’t believe he’s already beyond 5 months, those words are actually coming out of my mouth!  He’s almost half-way done being a baby!  It just goes by so fast, twice as fast as your first baby for sure.

Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for….photos.  Only because I have to lure in the readers on Fridays.  What’s a better way to do it than naked photos of a fat fat baby….in the sink!


He was sucking on his own tongue in this photo


my toes!


Note he didn’t inherit Mommy’s olive skin.  Nice and pasty like Daddy


he he he


His dad makes this face in a lot of photos actually.


soap soap soap




 That Little Twig organic shampoo in the background is just amazing.  We can’t afford it so Mommy, next time you in Granville Island…remember us!!


  1. I was trying to think of something witty to say as I was reading your blog, but as soon as I got to the pictures it was lost! What a CUTIE! My favorites are pics 1,2,4 & 5. All of them are adorable those ones are just my favorite. You take great pictures. I’m looking forward to my baby going through the big baby stage, I think all breastfed babies do. My little girls had rolls of rolls, it was so cute! I hope my baby slows down on the growing older though. And you are right, your second one goes by faster. I still feel like to days ago I was in labor, when it actuality we are coming up on three months and she is already smiling and laughing!

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