Thursday Thirteen #12

Thirteen reasons to drink more water.   

I’m so not drinking enough water and I’m drinking too much coffee and I have no idea how my body makes milk.  I NEED more water so to motivate me I’ll get some good, solid reasons to.

  1. Water gives you more energy
  2. It increases the amount of calories you burn while working out so it helps you lose weight
  3. Flushes out your toxins
  4. If you don’t drink enough water your uric acid goes into your blood stream…yikes
  5. Aids in moisturizing your skin
  6. The more water your drink, the less you retain
  7. Lubes the joints
  8.  Helps mental clarity
  9. Reduces hunger
  10. Plumps up wrinkles
  11.  Absorbs shocks due to blows…perhaps my toes wouldn’t break so easily??
  12. Makes the poo slide out with ease
  13. Regulates your body temperature

There ya go.  Time to change a VERY smelly bum.


  1. Great thursday list! I just did my Thursday list as well! i love thursdays since EARL, the office, er and greys anatony are on! No laundry after 7:30 pm and kids are in their rooms by 7:30 as well so I dont miss the shows!

    Have a great TT! Stop by my blog if you can!


  2. Oooh, you are so good! I tooootallllly needed more today! I’m so exhausted ! I wonder if water will help me to stop using so many exclamation points!?

  3. No one commented on the new header?? It rocks! So candid, the mother’s reality.
    Great list. So many American’s walk around dehydrated…we just don’t drink enough water. I really work on the eight glasses a day, but like everyone else, just forget sometimes.

  4. Hi, I use to drink not very much water, and at least a cup of coffee every morning. I gave up coffee, so now I drink no coffee, and lots of water!! I do drink tea in the morning, but it’s herbal tea. I did a TT list too, it’s here:

  5. I’ve had to buy a water bottle with a straw since I’ve been pregnant just so I can sip all the time. I find headaches are a good reminder to drink….

  6. Since we talked earlier I’ve had 5 10oz. glasses of the “‘good stuff'”. Thanks for the reminder…and now I must confess I’m nursing a glass of the really good stuff, you know whereof I speak.

  7. Oraely, thank you very much. Some people commented on it on my previous post.

    People, stop drinking diet sodas. Don’t make me do a TT on how bad that is for you. And don’t say it’s not. Methyl alcohol is POISON and it makes up 10% of that tasty aspartame you’re guzzling. STOP IT!!!

  8. Hey you!

    YESSSS about the diet soda! I cant beieve that crap is still legal! Or that people chug the stuff insted of water, or even fruit juices! (100% not cocktail) I get sooo mad when my friends drink that @#$%!!
    You should post a link to “Sweet Misery” on here!!
    Oh and I wanted to tell you, I LOVE your new headline photos, HAHA, made me laugh, sooo perfect!!Lots of love!

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