Conversations With Silas

A small coversation I just had with Silas:

me: “Silas would you like an orange”

Looking up at me with his big, serious eyes Silas sings: “the farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell hi ho the dar-e-o the farmer in the dell”

Conversations with Silas can be confusing for someone who doesn’t know him. Silas hasn’t realized how to really put them together properly. He repeats EXACTLY what I say. When he wants some grapes he doesn’t say “mommy I want some grapes”, he will say “want some grapes Silas?”. I’ve been working on correcting this for him by saying the proper thing each time for him. I’ve also been trying to get him to call my name when he needs me rather that the “WAAAHHHH HEH HEH HEH…..WAH WAH WAH WAH…KEH KEH KEH” that usually is bellowed at me when he wants me to come get him from his room.

Silas has shown a little progression in the use of the word “I”. Long ago he came out saying “I do it” in regards to spoon-feeding himself (something he has yet to properly get down, he doesn’t get that by turning the spoon upside down, he will then lose his lunch onto his shirt). The other day as we were looking at photos of puppies on the computer, Silas leans forward and announces “I kiss you, I kiss you puppy” and then proceeded to lock lips with the computer screen.

Mainly Silas chooses to communicate by very quiet talking, inaudible to the human ear, followed by loud screams and hitting of either me or his innocent brother. Sometimes he communicates loudly which I, in turn, react to in a very jovial “oh sure Silas, you can have grapes, YAY SILAS”. You should see my delight when he says “please”.

I’m really hoping he soon learns to use my name in order to get my attention rather than screams and cries. Lately when I get him from his room I tell him all the things he could have said and he repeats me. Hopefully it’ll pay off one day and I wont still be listening to 13 year old asking himself for some grapes. It might happen anyway, teenagers are weird.

Oh ya, weight loss Wednesday.  Apparently I don’t care that the 200-300 people that read my blog daily know that I’m doing a terrible job at losing weight.  I need to STOP THIS ALREADY.  Food is so yummy and warm and squishy and crunchy.  I need to get a grip.  I wish I could cleanse right now to get rid of all these cravings.  A year ago I was 2 months pregnant and 35 pounds lighter 🙁


  1. I thought you were going to put progress pictures up for weight loss wednesday? that would get me motivated….and please put a new one up of the boys while you’re at it 🙂 xxoo

  2. You don’t need to excuse yourself for the lack of weight loss, it’s okay to be where you’re at, I read your blog anyway and I love you just the same(maybe more because I’m not losing weight either).

  3. Great header 🙂

    And Silas is so verbal for an almost 2 year old! Not to mention his singing skills – they’ve always been so impressive.
    Oh Silas. So darn cute and munchable. Melts my heart when he starts to sing.

  4. My freakin’ coworker brought in a Costco box of M&M cookies. How am I suppose to cope with that? How? Why? I hate him!

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