The Coolest Printing Site Ever!!

I just have to tell you guys about this website that I came upon recently, it’s called Custom Ink.  You can get things printed on ANYTHING, seriously, anything.  All you do is choose the t-shirt, mug, hat…whatever and then they bring you to the design lab where you design it.  It’s really simple and fool-proof.

Once you’ve got your design in there then you just submit it and they print it and send it to you.  Most of the products need to be ordered in multiples but there are some that you can just order one of.  The multiples are great if you’re part of a team or a group…or perhaps for Christmas presents?  I think I’ll use Custom Ink a lot when buying fun gifts for my family and friends.

I love that they use American Apparel clothes, they’re VERY good quality and they’re made in a factory that treats their staff like gold.  It’s a very cool company, I’ve read quite a bit about it.   You’ll know the clothing you buy isn’t from a sweat shop.

Custom Ink has the coolest variety of stuff to choose from.  You can even make beer cozies and custom wine glasses.  There’s teddy bears, pens, sports equipment, water bottles.  Seriously everything.

Anyway, thought I’d pass along that cool site to you folks.  Have a good rest of your evening and I’ll see you tomorrow with another update.

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