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Wow, Silas’ birthday party is next week!!  I’m so excited.  It’s just going to be very small this year, just family pretty much.  I can’t handle a crowd, I just don’t wanna.  But feel free to still buy him pressies or send money…ha ha!!

It’s been slightly exhausting trying to avoid wheat, oats, milk and eggs this week.  I have all this wheat free stuff, lots of rice cakes and crackers, rice pasta.  His poops are dreadful because he’s filling up on fruit a lot.  He hates the new hot cereal I bought him but I actually like it so I’ve been eating it, I usually gag at hot cereal.  I pulled a Grandma Rober and made the cooled cereal into patties and fried them and gave them to him with syrup.  I think next time I’ll make them thinner because he still wasn’t fully fond of them but did eat a lot more than when it was in hot cereal form.

I’ve gotten some pro-biotic tablets for Silas, you’re not supposed to give them to kids under 4 but screw that, this boy NEEDS them.  I can’t stand those dark circles under his eyes that are telling me that he’s had a lot of antibiotics lately.  It really looks like his ear is on the mend, not so stinky anymore.  Was that thanks to the homeopathy?  I found these drops that I’ve been putting in his ear as well, just all natural stuff.  They have garlic in them and it makes him smell SO bad.  Ha ha.   I’m glad we fought this one away without antibiotics.  I’ve heard that people can avoid them a lot with these drops.  I just have to make sure to keep putting oil in his ears because they plug up SO quickly with stinky wax…ewwww.  It literally takes a week for a plug to form.

Isaac is mister sleeper man!!  I can put him down to sleep on his own completely now.  He HATES being rocked to sleep and most of the time he’ll just cry a few minutes and then go to sleep.  Good boy.  The trick is just trusting them with it I think.  Just letting them make noise for a while.  I had to close his door and turn the music up.  I don’t like hearing him cry at all.  With Silas it wasn’t such a big deal, I guess every child you have makes you more of a softy?  I dunno.

Isaac is also nursing WAY better.  I keep thinking he’s not done and trying to make him eat more but for real, he’s taking like 5 minutes to eat and he’s done.  Like hola!  I’m so glad I stuck with this nursing thing.  Most of me has not let go and I still think he’s not getting enough but he’s usually happy.  He’s probably not eating as much as he used to which is fine with me, he’s massive for a 5 month old.  At church yesterday he met a little girl who was a month older than him and I swear she was half his size.  He’s still peeing all over himself every night so I guess he’s getting enough.  Gotta love a wet baby every morning.

Brent and I had a date last night.  My sister Jennie has been asking to watch my kids so of course I’ll let her.  We walked around the mall until it closed and then went to Sammy J Peppers for supper.  We weren’t very hungry so we had tapas and booze ha ha.  The ribs we had were like…DEVINE and I was eating my last one and saving this big chunk of meat for the end and then…plop, it fell right off the bone to the floor, not without stopping for a moment on my jeans to leave a nice mark.  I pouted for a while about that one.  I was very tempted to just eat it anyway but nope, too gross.  It was a good date though, I had the most fabulous carmel apple martini and a good old glass of Stella Artois.  It was nice to be alone with Brent for once.

I feel kinda like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I HATE confrontation, it terrifies me.  Because of past experiences, I cry if a male yells at me, it scares me so badly.  I always feel like if I’m going to confront someone on something then I need to have a clean slate, I need to have no fault on the subject because so many times things just get thrown back in my face which is such the wrong way to deal with conflict.  Anyway, I’ve been stewing for months about certain things with Brent.  He really is an amazing husband but I was just feeling like I had too much responsibility on my shoulders, like I was leading too much in this house.  After some prodding and a few drinks I finally bawled my eyes out and said everything.  My husband graciously took every word I said and lovingly talked with me about it.  It was THAT easy?  I have to remember my husband is not a person who has hurt me in my life and he’s always cautious about hurting my feelings.  I can talk to him and that conversation helped me massively.  Why did I stew forever?  Brent’s truly amazing, he’s exactly the man I need.  I’m so glad we don’t argue over petty things and when there is confrontation it’s usually done lovingly, he has yet to even raise his voice at me and that is SO important to me.  Like I said, I can’t stand men raising their voices at me, just can’t stand it.  I’m a lucky lady!

Both my children are in bed, my floors are filthy so I guess that’s next on the agenda…after having some food of course.  Must make the house clean for Courtenay who’s stopping by today on her way to visit her inlaws.  I’m so stoked to see her!!!  Sorry for such a mishmash of stuff, that’s what you get when I don’t blog all weekend.


  1. Horray for the date !! I’m glad you were able to have “a talk” about how things weren’t working for you. I’m also pleased to hear he dealt with it in a way that was helpful for you. Yes it is good to clear the air.

  2. You didn’t say what an awesome job I did on the babysitting and all the new things Silas learned, like the “Beans, beans, the musical fruit” song. And how to burp on purpose. Sheesh, I’m hurt.

    I didn’t teach Ikey anything … he was being stubborn.

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