Stay Like This

I love your beautiful cheeks, they get so darn rosy. I press them against mine and hold you tightly and rock back and forth. The flood of warmth fills my core and I feel painfully and intoxicatingly in love with you. Gosh it hurts.img_3269.jpg

I love your eyes, how they look so much like mine did when I was a baby. They look so innocent, I’d believe anything you had to say. You have these wonderful purposeful blinks that you do with them that make me melt into a slimy puddle of slop.

I love your funny hair and how it grows more in the middle so it looks like you have a mohawk. Also how it grows out the back into a bit of a mullet, you really have such funny hair.

I love the big beaming smile that spreads across your face when you see that your Daddy is home. Could you smile any bigger? I love how you just reach for him as you grin and bounce. He’s your hero isn’t he?

I love how bouncing has been your very favorite thing since the moment you were squeezed into this world. You love it and you always do it. You have the skill perfected in your bouncy chair until you got too fat and started bottoming out on it. You now make such a racket in your exersaucer as you bounce as hard as you can. Crashing and bashing with a big, drooly grin on your face. It’s perfect!

I love how your arms start flailing to splash in the tub as I lower you into it. Next to bouncing, splashing is your favorite. It’s a very serious thing for you.img_3235.jpg

I love how you’ll eat anything. Be it peas or grapes or the wad of hairy lint on the floor. You love to eat everything I give you (or you find). Please, hold onto that one and you’ll have a very happy mommy.

I love your profile as you nurse from me. Your eyes either looking around for something interesting or rolling back into your head from the blissful comfort.  You’re so cute when you shake with anticipation before we nurse every morning.  You must be sooo hungry!  You make the sweetest nursing noises sometimes, just humming along.

Speaking of your wonderful noises, you make the best of them. Your gurgles, your spitty raspberries. How you say DAH AH DAH DA DA DA DA. How you scream just like your brother does. How you copy your brothers little coughs and grunts. How you gurgle and babble after you wake up from your nap. It’s all delicious music to my ears.

You’re the most wonderful little bundle of squishy, warm, tasty goodness in the entire world. The very sight of you makes my proud heart gleam. You’re the perfect addition to this little family we have.

Isaac, I know I’ve asked a lot of you lately. Like with the whole nipple biting issues which you have so graciously complied with. But I have another minor problem that I cannot correct myself.

You see, you’re perfect right now. I know it’s hard to see that as a problem but it is! I love this stage, you’re just wonderful and I need to you do me a favor and stop pimg_3259.jpgrogressing for a while. Stop getting better at crawling, stop trying to climb the stairs, stop everything and just stay like this for a while? Just perhaps a year or so and then you can continue to grow and progress.

I’m about 90% sure you’re my last baby and seeing you like this, already 8 months old, is slowly killing me. So please slow down at least a little, you don’t need to tackle the stairs right now, you just need to keep those chubby cheeks for a bit longer, those perfect little fists and your gummy smile.


  1. With a tear in my eye…. ah man I loved this post! I was thinking he was older than baby here by much more, but I guess it’s only 1 month. He’s so gosh darn cute! I wish we could keep them little 🙁

  2. Stay Like This

    Leah, what a beautiful story. My eyes fill with tears every time I read “Stay Like This”.

    Much love, Grandma R.

    PS Yes, he has your eyes.

  3. Wow! This is so beautiful! And yet so true! You will ALWAYS have these memories and your challenge is to keep them as fresh as they are today! Thanks (again) for sharing this Leah!

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