You know, there’s something I’ve really been taking delight in lately. It’s the bond that Silas and Isaac are forming. It’s how much they actually care for each other. It’s such a beautiful sight.

Silas has been a great big brother thus far. He accepted Isaac into our home and seemed to somehow (primal instinct?) know that he was part of our family and that he should love him. Any other child I’ve ever held has made Silas mad, never with Isaac.brothers.jpg

I love watching them now as Isaac is able to follow Silas around. Isaac just follows him everywhere. Sometimes I catch them playing with different things but usually if Silas has it then Ikey wants it.

Silas is so patient with him though, it’s unreal. Ikey will get his hands in there and knock over whatever line-up or tower that Silas is putting together and Silas will be ok with it. Sometimes Ikey just reaches and reaches and Silas gently moves his hands away. He’s amazing with that. Isaac always wants Silas’s soother. It’s amazing but he’s the only one that Silas will tolerate taking it away from him. He gently takes it back but the patience he shows for Ikey is incredible.

I love how Silas can get Isaac laughing so hard. Really, Silas is the only one that can get him REALLY going. Ikey thinks he’s the funniest guy around. He especially likes it when Silas is throwing a screaming fit, now that’s comedy for a baby. tonka.jpg

Silas loves watching Ikey have fun. He’s equally as happy to see me throwing Ikey in the air as he is to have it done to himself. Today we stuck Ikey in Silas’ Tonka truck and Silas happily watched as I drove him around in it. It’s like he was really happy for Ikey that he got to sit in the truck. And who wouldn’t be happy at the sight of Ikey in that truck? Goodness…the cuteness is just oozing from my house right now.

In the mornings, if Silas is up before Ikey, Ikey gets the most amazing morning reception ever. Silas comes squealing into his room.

“Hi Ikey, good MORNING Ikey”

Then they continue to squeal and chirp at each other. I bring Ikey into bed with me to nurse and Silas cuddles up close to him and snuffles into his hair and cheeks.

Things aren’t always hunky dory between the two though. Silas does have a strange habit of pushing Isaac over. I don’t think it’s because he wants to be unkind. I really do think he enjoys watching Ike topple over. Isaac hardly protests anymore, he’s used to it. He knows I will come save him and give him extra attention. I’ll be cheering for Ikey the day he figures out how to push Silas right back!album6.jpg

I see now why people love having children so close together. This bond they are forming is amazing. It’s so neat to see them interact more and enjoy each other so much.


  1. I, too, have been amazed at watching my girls’ friendship develop. Being an only child myself, I still grapple with understanding the sibling rivalry thing, and how they can be best buddies one minute, yet need a “boxing ring” the next! One thing is for sure…You have two super-handsome boys, there! My girls are 20 months apart – how close are your boys?

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