I Should Be Cleaning and Not Writing So Much!!

Holy cow it’s 3:30 and I haven’t blogged. I was letting Ikey slurp away at my bossoms while talking for hours on the phone with Jill. We hadn’t had a good, long phone call in a while. It was much needed. Ikey sucked for over an hour, but there wasn’t much milk. He hardly ate anything yesterday so I just let him go at it. He needs to get better at this nursing thing. I was practically in tears this morning, dreading how nursing is going to go today. But, so far so good so I’m happy. The past two days have been a nightmare. I’m scared to try him on my left side because he’s really favoring the right. Looks like I’m going to have the do some strange maneuvering and positioning to get him to suck on the left. Grrrrr. I actually mainly hate nursing him but I wont give up no no no I wont. I couldn’t deal with the guilt. I’m OK with mom’s bottle feeding if they’re OK with it and themselves but I can’t be OK with myself and do it. Is it OK that he doesn’t get much fore milk? I just pump a lot of it off before we nurse so it doesn’t shoot down his poor little throat so fast. I can get about 5 ounces of just fore milk out in 1-3 minutes depending on the time of day. I’ve seen it after it’s settled and there’s hardly any fat on top so I’m sure it’s mostly fore milk. I can’t wait until this is easier. Once I’m done nursing this fellow I’m going to consume a sinful amount of of a certain beverage and stay out to an unruly time of night. Who’s with me?

I’m thinking of using some strange and drastic measures to try and pay off debt. Even though we aren’t in as much debt as most Americans who don’t actually own ANY of their possessions, it still haunts me daily. I’m thinking of finding people that will give me their bottles that I can get a deposit on…yes I’m thinking of collecting freaking cans to pay off debt. But if I get enough people that would like leave them out for me once a week and I’d pick them up then I think I could make a pretty penny each week. I’ll have to wait until I get my minivan. I’m getting desperate to pay it all off. If we paid it all off (minus the mortgage), we’d have an extra $500/month MINIMUM!! So goal: pay off freaking debt. I’m also taking donations, seriously. You can donate to “Project Get Leah Out Of Debt” through paypal. The email address is ugly_poodle@yahoo.ca and every dollar counts!! Ha ha. Once I’m out of debt then I can get a sponsor chid which I’ve been wanting to have FOREVER plus I feel like I can be more generous with other things, like tithing…who tithes?? Not me…can’t afford it.


I need to go accomplish something today. I’d like things to be a bit cleaner in here so I guess I should go do just that. This weekend Brent and I need to get more paint on the walls and the closet organizers up so I don’t have heaps of laundry everywhere that has no home. We got two of those boxes of Configurations from Costco, they have them cheap there. So we’ll have nice closet organizers in our room and Silas’ room. Woot. I know the color I want for Silas’ room (thanks Jill) so we’ll go get that and some white paint for the closets (because Jill said we must paint them). Closets should be painted white right? I think so. Brent should have our doors as well today so he can hopefully get those up too. Yay new doors and bifolds and paint. The quote we got on our kitchen cabinets are too much so we’re going to fax the drawings to a few other companies and see what they have to say. I love the drawings so we’ll keep them. Otherwise we’re going to Ikea because we know it’ll be cheap…just not custom.

Anyway, time to clean and all that goodness. I hope I can get everything together for our housewarming. If you know us then you can come. It’s between 12 and 7 on the 8th it just an open house so come whenever. If you don’t know me then too bad, you’ll have no idea how to get here anyway. MUHAHAHA.

K bye!


  1. I’ve been nursing my youngest for the past 25 months (and still going). My first two didn’t take to nursing very well AT ALL, so I was hoping I would make it to six months with this one. When she was an infant, she favored my left side so much that my left boob was noticeably bigger than the right. It’s since evened out (thank goodness). I can’t believe how much you are able to pump in such a short amount of time – whoa!

    RE: debt – I’ve told my husband several times that getting out of debt should be a community-sponsored event. Everyone contributes a dollar to one family, and then when that family is out of debt, everyone contributes a dollar to another family. If you live in a big community, you could get your debt paid off quickly. Of course my husband thinks I’m crazy. All I know is, debt makes me crazy. And we have WAY too much of it. I guess I must be really crazy then 😉

  2. Ya, I spurt out milk really fast…poor Ikey. Silas used to scream at my boobs but it was NEVER this bad.

    I agree with you on it being a community event. I started a community on facebook and hopefully loads of people will join. It’s called dollars to debt. I’d give a dollar to people with debt, no problem.

  3. Yes to white closets. With a bit of shine, eggshell?, so that they wipe out easy. Who wipes out their closets? At least the shelves perhaps?

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