Thursday Thirteen #7

I have no idea what to do for Thursday Thirteen today. I’m just not gunna do it!!

I feel like I’m on the up and up. I was a bit down but today I went for a walk which is a very good thing. Haven’t done that in ages. I’m shaking I’m so hungry. Ike was like “yes I’ll nurse, no I wont, yes I’ll nurse, no I wont” this afternoon and now he’s sleeping. He did get a little food. I haven’t had time to eat. I AM drinking a Corona on an empty stomach which will lead to some fun in a few minutes. I remember what I wanted to do for Thursday Thirteen so lets do it baby.

Thirteen Things about me me me me
  1. I don’t ever want to be pregnant again
  2. I want my body back
  3. I want my freedom back
  4. I want to be able to do cool stuff with my kids but I feel so stuck at home. Once the boys are older there’s so many things to do. If I add another child to the bunch then we just have to wait that longer. I’m super anal about naps.
  5. I can’t be guaranteed that it’s going to be an easy baby
  6. Two kids is really busy already.
  7. I want to be able to afford the give my kids opportunities to have lessons and travel
  8. There’s more I want to do with my life than have kids. I’m ready to watch these kids grow up and move onto the next phase of my life
  9. The post pardom hormones drive me crazy…I can’t stand them
  10. With my time management and organizing issues, things would start getting even worse
  11. MY husband doesn’t want anymore
  12. Flying to Manitoba for Christmases wouldn’t be able to happen as easily
  13. My husband and I like to relax, three kids doesn’t sound very relaxing.

There you go. My tummy is more full now, of food not just beer. Every stay at home mom should drink a beer in the afternoon.

Ike has been worse at nursing again. Especially in the afternoon, he just wont have it. I got him to take a bottle yesterday though. No luck with it today but I’m going to try daily.

Yesterday Leanne came over with Lucas and Jill was here with Cornelius. Lucas, Silas, and Cornelius all ended up in the kiddie pool with warm water and bubbles. Apparently Cornelius didn’t mind that the little ones were peeing. It was adorable and I got a bunch of cousin photos. Lucas really loved Con (short for Cornelius) and Con really didn’t know what to do with him. It was pretty cute watching the boys copy con as he put bubbles all over his face. Eventually there were too many bubbles on his face and Lucas got pretty freaked out. I guess you (as in Roselle and Mark) are pining for photos so I’ll offer one up. I’ll get the rest up on my woomp shortly. OK nevermind, I went nuts so here’s a bunch of photos.

One more thing.  Someone got to my blog by googling “house wifes looking for love”  Ew.


K not too exciting but I bought an umbrella tree yesterday for my new pot. It’s going to get very very very big. I like buying them little so I can watch them grown


Ikey in his bumbo this morning. His nose looks extra pug-like this morning. It’s blurry…sorry.


Fun in the pool


Silas is always holding his pee pee


more fun


Silas’ buttcheeks!


Brent and Ikey the other day wearing their rocker T-shirts. Note what Ikey’s really says. He he he. If you don’t know who AC/DC is then you wont get it…oh well.



  1. Finally! Someone as anal as me about nap time! It’s so essential! I only have one and I am WAY on the no more kiddo plan. If hubby wasn’t desperate to give Aidan a sibling I’d already have the permanent “no-vacancy” sign posted! 😛

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