Happy Birthday Isaac!!

Ikey is three months old today. Man I wish I had a birthday every month. That’d be so cool. So now I guess I fill you in on all things Ikey. Right now he’s sitting in his bouncy chair in a stripped onsie that his cousin Cornelius wore 10 years ago. The bouncy chair almost touches the ground under the weight of his pudgy body. Silas just tried sitting on him. In the last 10 minutes Silas has also laid on him (gently) for a cuddle, tried to pick him up, kissed him, stroked his head…etc. He’s a very gentle and loving big brother, it’s amazing.

Isaac is around 18 pounds now. He’s so stinking fat and I love it. We’re switching to 9 month clothes soon…my goodness. He’s also recently found his fist and he consentraits very hard to get it into his mouth. He usually brings his hands together and then slowly raises them towards his mouth. A few days ago they usually hit somewhere around his forehead but now he’s getting it right. They learn so fast. I stick him in his bumbo chair with the tray on and a toy and he focusses SO hard on the toy and tries to get it. He’ll get it in a few weeks no doubt.

Isaac is a VERY social boy. It’s unreal how much he loves to just sit and talk to you. He’s very different from Silas in that way, Silas wouldn’t make a lot of eye contact and he wouldn’t chat either. Ikey likes my face most (another thing that Silas was different about…Silas didn’t care if it was me or Satan) and his eyes will light up brighter and he will smile bigger if he sees me. I love that. He just gave Silas a big bright smile. Silas is now smelling his hair. Now he has his head on Ikey’s chest and saying “cuddle cuddle”. Darling boy.

Ike follows people around the room now which is nice to see…good to know he can see well now. I always feel so bad for them when all they can see is blur and faces coming in and out of focus.

Isaac can giggle now and he does it when I bounce him or when he gets tickled. He’s very ticklish and ever since birth he’s really loved bouncing, it’s how he’s best soothed. (Silas is now saying “hellooo Ikey, boogey boogey,”) I love his giggles, they make me melty. My face usually hurts after Ikey is giggling because I’m smiling so hard.

Nursing him still sucks but I’m dilligent. I’m going to try and train him to take a bottle so I can have a break and have dates and whatnot. I think it’s best for me. I’ll still nurse most of the time…he just needs to learn the bottle for all of our sanity.

Anyway, I’ve grown to completely adore my Isaac. He’s such a darling, I love him with all of me. He’s such a happy boy. I need to rock him to sleep now. He’s been asking for it for a bit now.


  1. Aaaah…. you made my heart melt just reading this. Silas and Isaac have a great Mommy! My little guy loves his Bumbo seat already. He puts his arms up on either side and just looks around. We aren’t using the tray yet. It’s so cute to see baby wearing clothes his big brother wore 8 1/2 years ago. Hope the bottle goes good for you. Baby is so good at taking the bottle when he needs to, he’s even very good at taking it from me, which everybody tells me is quite shocking.

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