K yesterday’s post was a floppy flop.  Go ask some questions!!  I might go on strike because no one loves me! What a morning I had.  I must admit, I was not a very good mommy this morning.  I get SO frustrated that I can’t even see straight.   It all started with Silas stomping on… Continue reading It’s an AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH Kinda Day

I Should Be Cleaning and Not Writing So Much!!

Holy cow it’s 3:30 and I haven’t blogged. I was letting Ikey slurp away at my bossoms while talking for hours on the phone with Jill. We hadn’t had a good, long phone call in a while. It was much needed. Ikey sucked for over an hour, but there wasn’t much milk. He hardly ate… Continue reading I Should Be Cleaning and Not Writing So Much!!

Mostly Photos

I got a little excited yesterday. I was trying to figure out how to make my dragon tree sprout more branches and whatnot and I got into pruning and then I just went a bit scissor crazy on my house plants. I’m so excited though. I love caring for my houseplants and actually they love… Continue reading Mostly Photos

Who Are You People?

I love 2″ faux wood blinds, they’re beautiful.  They’re nestled perfectly into my windows now, blocking out the sun and the people who’ve been spying on me while I’ve been nursing these past 20 days.  Issac is happily munching on my right boob and I have a little bowl of Oreo ice cream that I’m… Continue reading Who Are You People?


Why does being a mother involve guilt? Is it the guilt that drives us or the love? There’s nothing worse than non parents pointing out your faults as a parent. I don’t feel horribly guilty. My kids are going to have a way less stressful childhood than mine so I know they’re ok. Hopefully they… Continue reading Guilt

Sprinkler Fun

Yesterday marked the very first time I watered my very own lawn. Silas joined in on the festivities and we came out with these wonderful photos of him in all his glory.   What I didn’t realize during is that while he was enjoying this water bottle, he was also pooping. Then he touched it.… Continue reading Sprinkler Fun

Shelving is an Adventure

Yesterday I set out to Home Depot and got all the stuff for putting up wire shelving in our storage room.  One I got there I felt like I was living a Home Depot commercial.  “You can do it, we can help” kept running through my mind.  I kept telling them how much I suck… Continue reading Shelving is an Adventure

My Kids Hate Me

Well, another day here in our new home and I’m loving it here!!  It’s so much cooler living near the ground!!  We need new blinds pronto though.  There’s nothing on our sliding glass doors and it freaks me out when I’m nursing at night.  I’m too scared to turn the TV on because then someone… Continue reading My Kids Hate Me