Shelving is an Adventure

Yesterday I set out to Home Depot and got all the stuff for putting up wire shelving in our storage room.  One I got there I felt like I was living a Home Depot commercial.  “You can do it, we can help” kept running through my mind.  I kept telling them how much I suck at math and I made them help me figure it all out.  Once I was loaded up with all of that stuff I had to make my way to the tool area to get something that will cut metal.  Let me tell you, long wire shelving with all of the accessories is the most awkward thing to have in a cart.  I had to push it from the side.  The tool dude gave me a funny look but he was very helpful.  I then stupidly decided that I wanted to use the self check out with all of these massive items and my 20 brackets that needed scanning.  Finally someone came to my rescue so I didn’t have to actually scan 20 of the same item.  Loading all of that into my little hatchback was another story.  I could feel people looking at me funny as I was trying to shove it all in and make it all work.  But finally I was loaded and I tied the hatch down with twine.  I almost lost one wall runner thing at a stop light when I was playing with it.  They came all the way to the side of my head from the back (a fly is grooming himself on my coffee cup).  So now I need to rip all the crap off that wall and get Brent to do a little prep for me and then I’ll put all the shelves on.  Brent’s on a Home Depot run right now getting garbage cans and a recycling bin.  I can’t wait to recycle again.  It’s so easy when they pick it up for you.  I can’t wait to have my garbage can right outside where I can throw dirty diapers and actually take the garbage out myself.  There, Brent has no household responsibilities now.

Silas is getting better.  I put his crib in a corner like he’s used to and I think that it helps.  Even as a teen, having my bed against a different wall felt so funny.   His room is a disaster as I was trying to get it all organized.  I’m purging toys because so many of them aren’t played with.  I put a bunch away that he’ll play with more when he’s older and I put the infant toys in a separate bin for Isaac.  I only kept a few of those peek-a-block things.  Useless things they are.  I kept the ones that rattle because I know Isaac will like that.  I’m going to go to costco and get this neato shelving that they have and stick some in Silas’ room for books and toys and some down here in the toy area so we can keep things a little more organize rather than having everything in one box all mixed up.

Anyway, I’m hungry and then I need to tackle something.  OOOO Brent and J finished laying all the laminate that we have.  We’re short one box (FFS!) but it looks amazing.  Brent’s already put in transitions and it looks amazing.  Just need to paint and stick on the base boards and it’ll be great!  Pictures to come sooon.


  1. We just moved also, and while we were moving a friend mentioned to me that some people can’t sleep in certain directions (east/west or north/south). I’d never heard of that before! Interesting that just moving his crib made a difference…

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