K yesterday’s post was a floppy flop.  Go ask some questions!!  I might go on strike because no one loves me!

What a morning I had.  I must admit, I was not a very good mommy this morning.  I get SO frustrated that I can’t even see straight.   It all started with Silas stomping on Isaac’s face while I was changing his bum.  I heard a crunch and it freaked me out soooo bad.  Silas went straight into time out and I just held Ikey close for a looonnng time.  He seemed fine though, I think Silas must have moved a toy on the way over to do his face smashing.  Ikey’s face is definitely not broken or anything.

I just got more and more mad.  I think a lot of things played into it.  I tried to get the kids out of the house but I couldn’t find my keys.  We were all bundled and ready to go too.  It was awful.

I have a problem with taking things out on my walls, they usually don’t actually break but I guess this drywall is old.  I’m glad I take it out on walls and not my kids.  On the bright side, I do enjoy drywalling so I have a fun project to do now!!  Ha ha ha.

I just got Ikey to bed and then walked out in the grass-way behind out place with Silas for like 30 minutes.  Back and forth.  Then he sat in a puddle so I got him into the shower and he played in there for a long time.

Brent came home for a bit with a dozen roses and a beautiful card.  It was really thoughtful.  I needed him badly.  Soon my house was filled with people that just kept calling to come over and I needed it so in they all came and it was fun.  Phew…I needed it a lot.

Anyway, right now all I hear is quiet.  I know soon Ikey will wake up and I will begin losing my mind again.  Days like this are crazy.  Sometimes I just can easily get to the end of my rope and other days I’m the most patient person ever.  I definitely know I need some me time though.  I hope I get it soooooon.


  1. oh goodness Cootie. I get teary thinking about how wonderful it would be to just come over for the afternoon and see you whenever I wanted to. I bet we’d hang out lots again hey? OOOOO I need a cootie hug!

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