Who Are You People?

I love 2″ faux wood blinds, they’re beautiful.  They’re nestled perfectly into my windows now, blocking out the sun and the people who’ve been spying on me while I’ve been nursing these past 20 days.  Issac is happily munching on my right boob and I have a little bowl of Oreo ice cream that I’m savoring. My back hurts…and I’m getting sick.  Looking at my glorious blinds makes it better though.  Wonderous blinds, so white, so pretty.

I’m really enjoying Facebook.  I’ve almost found all of my friends from my little group in one Elementary school.  This one stands out amongst the others because I actually had friends at this school rather than being a complete loner.  Yesterday I came across two girls whom I was rather close to.  It’s so neat to catch up with them.

Ike just pulled off and is looking at me through very sleepy eyes.  I think he’s finally done nursing.  That was a long one.  Nope…more sucking.  He waited two hours to want to nurse again and he was forcefully rooting so I decided to let him latch on the last side he nursed on. (He was sucking very nicely on my cheek…it was lovely) I was going to nurse him on the other side in an hour.  Well he ate on that side for an hour so I’ve switched him and he’s just going at it.  Perhaps a growth spurt?

I think I might be able to donate my milk to someone.  She’s having troubles with milk supply and her baby is losing weight so she has to supplement.  I hope she’ll take my milk.  I feel like I’m wasting it as it goes down the drain every morning.  Ikey wont take a bottle and Silas thinks it tastes gross.  I wish Silas would drink it.  It’s so good for them.  Anyway, I really hope I can donate it to her.  Otherwise I think I’ll go get screened so I can donate to the milk bank.

One more thing…who are you people?  I know there’s at least 200-300 people at my site every day and hardly any one comments.  And yes, I know some of my friends on facebook are reading as well…it tells me.  Who are you sneaky people?  How come you don’t comment?  How I wish you all would comment.  It feels like I have a bunch of secret voyeurs watching me or something.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all the hits, I’m just wondering who the heck you all are.  Perhaps comment today?  Introduce yourself.


  1. I haven’t been by lately. Blame it on the baby! I have no idea how you got back to posting regularly so quickly. I just don’t have the time/energy/desire to! So I guess that means that I’m not one of the 200 😛 Sorry!

  2. Hee hee… I feel a little sheepish but I figure you know I’m reading so I might as well come out of the corner I’ve been lurking in and introduce myself! I’m Leanne’s friend and I’ve been reading your blog since she congratulated you on the birth of Isaac on her blog. I love your blogging style and even though I’ve never met you, I think you have an awesome personality! You let it all hang out and you’re not afraid to tell it like it is… very cool! So I like to read about your life because I like the way you approach living. Hopefully you don’t mind… 🙂

  3. Well I guess there’s me! I check every day, sometimes six times a day if I’m being forgetful! I don’t comment because you don’t like advice from non-parents. Yep, I’m a mom–but only of a one-year-old, thus I feel unqualified to give advice. It might be annoying for you to receive suggestions on things to do with Silas based on someone’s ideas and experience with 13 month old!
    I also have many uncommenting readers, numbers far beyond what my sitemeter claims visit.

    ttfn 🙂 and keep the great posts coming! I’m a big fan!

  4. Hi, Pluckymama,
    I just checked out your blog for the first time, and I like it! I got to you through a comment you left on my daughter Laura’s blog. You and your family sound like great people to know!
    P.S.-I have lots of advice, but generally just “shout it out” on my blog. 😛

  5. Hi Leah,
    I have commented on your blog a few times but figured I would say hi again. I love reading your blog and seeing pics of the boys. Such cuties. Hope your cold does not get too much worse. Have you tried looking on-line for activities to do with Silas. You can sometimes find good stuff. Talk to you later.

  6. I’m no stranger 🙂 I always thought donated milk seemed so weird. Until now! Now that I’m breastfeeding I can totally see people doing that and it seems so wonderful that we have people like you willing to do so. I’d love to do that for someone too. What a wonderful gift!

  7. I know there’s at least 200-300 people at my site every day and hardly any one comments.

    hmmm okok I left a comment Happy eh ? lol.. reached here fro wordpress.com home page. u your words are “pleasant”

  8. me.. I read your blog… and comment occasionally too! It is odd seeing stats and thinking “who just read this?”

    on an aside, I donate to a milk bank here and it’s great, I was speaking to them the last day and my milk has gone to Dublin as part of a batch to 2 NICU’s and one slightly older baby who’s very ill. It feels good to know that the milk you make can help other babies get well as well as grow your own monster 🙂

  9. Hi!! I come by often, but usually I have a nursing kid (yes, a 26 month old!) on my lap which prevents me from leaving a comment. Look, my hands are FREE for the moment!

    I get close to 200 comments each day but, alas, only a few comments. Is my writing really that bad? I hope not (or I’ll be out of a job!).

  10. Hi Leah,
    I must admit that I find it fascinating to read about your adventures with your boys, and it’s inspiring to read how open and honest you are. I think it’s because Ben and I are not quite in that stage but heading into it soon. Your boys are real cuties!

  11. Hi Leah, I’ve commented a few times over the last few months, but can’t remember if I ever properly “introduced” myself. I’m a 1st-time mummy to a 1-year-old. I found your blog on WordPress when I set mine up and have really appreciated your candor and comments on life with your kids. I read 6 “mummy blogs” by people that I’ve come to respect and hope that your collective guidance will help make me a better mum. I have about 30 readers a day on my blog and very few comments. I’m always curious to know who’s reading, too.

  12. Well, I feel a little creepy since all the people that have left comments are your friends….I’m an old friend of Kristy Richert from way back in the day. Once when i was bored I took a look at her blogroll to see if there was anythign interesting. I got to yours and your posts were interesting and I liked your health blog so I just keep on coming back! Hopefully you aren’t creeped out by me! I just think you have a cute little family and your blogs make me laugh…

    Nice to meet you 😀

  13. You know me! And I’m VERY creepy. And if I saw that little guy with juicy nectarine juice on his chin, I would lick it right off!

    You should put some chocolate syrup in your milk. I bet Silas would drink it then! Or put it in his mac and cheese. Is breast milk completely destroyed by cooking? Like flax seed oil? Probably not, ’cause the milk banks pasteurize it.

  14. Ok I’m a new creeper- but a creeper none the less.

    I am an old friend of Courtney Kasper and found you on her blog role. I actually have met you a few times but it was long ago! I think I actually slept on your couch for a night or so during Summer Fire 2001. It was a crazy summer full of “The Emperor’s New Groove” quotes. You were a cool girl then- and seem like a cool girl now!

    Your entries are honest and interesting and I promise- as a non-parent to not pretend I can advise you on anything. Your children are beautiful so congratulations on them and your new home.

    -Here’s to lurking!-

  15. I am one of your lurkers! I’m a friend of Courtenay’s- we went to Jesus School together. I found your blog on her blog role and really enjoy it. I’m thinking that we’ve probably met at some point, but it could just be that I’ve seen pictures and heard lots about you from Courtenay. Sorry my memory is hazy!

  16. Hi, Leah
    I’m Lucy, mom of Kristy Richert.
    We’ve met on one occasion, if you remember.
    I found your blog through Kristy’s, read, liked and now checking it at least twice a week.
    I like you style of writing, freely flowing, where one can feel and relate to your joys and frustrations.
    I’m enjoying it!

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