Dearest Isaac

Oh my Ikey darling, how your frustrate me so.  With your “special” whine and your aversion to my bosoms.  You cry whenever I leave your sight and you insist on sleeping with me at night, you wouldn’t have it any other way.  Oh Isaac, you’ve been constantly drooling and pooping these past few weeks.  Your shiny chin is all speckled with drool rash and you smell of sweat and vomit.  Your fat folds are constantly gathering fluff and crust and your bum rash is becoming rather unsightly.

You want to reach for everything now and the other day you spilled my juice, clever boy.  You giggle so brightly when I tickle your face with my hair or bounce you high.  You’d rather sleep on your tummy even though it’s dangerous.  You’re strong enough to sit now, you just don’t have it figured out.  You look like you just want to crawl somewhere when I stick you on your tummy.

I’m beginning to think you’re ready for solid food but I’m scared because once you taste those carrots you may never want my breasts again.  I’m almost positive you’re going to quit nursing at any moment, please hold on!  I’m glad you’re eating faster but I’m not glad that you get distracted so easily and then don’t want to eat anymore.

I’m VERY glad you forgivingly took your sucky when I decided to try you on it again.  “Oh Mommy,” your eyes said “you should have had this in my mouth months ago, but I forgive you, I’ll take it right away”.  What was I thinking not giving you a soother?  Am I mad?  Am I a glutton for punishment?  I just hate seeing them stuffed in little faces but they’re oh so…soothing.

You’re taking your time getting used to your crib, will you please sleep it in all night soon?  I fear I have no fight in me.  I easily give in and bring you to my bed.  I must say that your warm little body feels very nice against mine as I sleep.  I don’t understand how you’re not mobile at all but you can follow my body around the bed with ease.  I guess it’s easy seeing that I’m always downhill from you.   I’m happy that you’ve been sleeping in there for an hour now.  I even peeked in once and you had woken up but now you’re back asleep.  Good job baby!

I’m glad you’re sleeping long but I also love coming in your room to see your very bright smile.  You smile at me all the time, even when you’re crying.  Sometimes your smile makes me smile so big that my cheeks hurt.

You truly are a blessing my little Isaac.  Despite the madness that consumes me from giving you, your brother and your father all of me, you bless my life.  I actually adore your shiny chin and your spit-soaked clothing.  I love your crusty folds and I love nursing you (when you actually do it).  I love how I can make you stop screaming by rubbing your gums and making them squeak.  I love kissing your pug nose and smushing my cheeks into yours.  You’re and angel my darling.



  1. What a darling baby. Those fat little hands sure make him look like he likes to eat. Tell him grandma’s coming tomorrow.

  2. Very beautiful…made me remember those days, even made me remember that day my daughter weened.
    I enjoy reading your blog and hope you’ll stop and read mine, SAHMs have to stick together.

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