I Broke-ed It

Get a load of this: I broke another toe.  I’ve gone 11 or 12 years without breaking a toe and now I’ve done it twice in the past few weeks.  My left pinky toe has now joined the right one in being bruised and swollen.  Good thing the right one is almost healed and good thing I was able to still walk easily on the right because I can’t walk on my left foot hardly at all.  I’m the limping momma now.

What an interesting life I lead hey?  Full of adventure and action.  Although, I’d like there to be a little less action in the danger department.  I’m already sporting a very bruised nose from Silas’ new head butting phase so I was hoping that would be the only ouchie for a while.  So in the past few weeks I’ve broken two toes, got my nose whacked, bruised from a bite from Silas, big bruise on my arm from falling during a moment of hyperness (and slight intoxication), a 5 day fever and NOW, I have a pimple on my face.  A real live one, not a fake one.  I’m the person who doesn’t ever get pimples.  Stupid pimple.  I think that makes 10 in my whole life…stop hating me 🙂

At this rate I’ll be 6 feet under in 7.2546 weeks.  Someone start preparing my eulogy.  K never mind.

I now have an appointment with a naturepath.  I’m very excited for Silas to go through the treatment for his allergies.  Hopefully I’ll be able to go through it myself.  I’ve held off on Isaac’s 4 month immunizations because I no longer trust them whatsoever.  I want to talk to the naturepath first.  I didn’t know some of them have egg in them and that the MMR one isn’t necessary.  Those illnesses are actually good for kids to go through and are hardly ever lethal.  Plus a lot of mom’s are saying their kids got autism from that shot.  No more needles for Isaac for now.  I’m not a big left wing psycho about natural things.  I’m kind of in the middle, I go with my mommy sense and right now it’s saying no to the immunizations.

I’m very excited to see Bill Cosby on Oprah and see what he has to say about raising kids.  Hopefully the in-laws, who are due to get to my house around 4ish, wont mind a little Oprah.  Oooo I wonder what we’re having for supper…supper is so exciting when the in-laws come!!


  1. pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza…:)

    And oh how I wish your post today was called, “The fat boy who wouldn’t nurse” (as per our morning conversation). Would make such a good story.

    Once upon a time there was a fat boy who wouldn’t nurse. He had the most adorable squishy fat cheeks, the most squeezable plump thighs and big bright eyes that held the stars captive.

    But he wouldn’t nurse. His mother worked tirelessly night and day to keep her happy baby fed and healthy, much to his dismay. Why, you ask? Well, it seems that a humongous blue boob-a-looba was coming to him in his dreams and whispering softly, “It’s better if it’s blue, it’s better if it’s blue, it’s better if it’s blue…” The chant would continue while the fat boy who wouldn’t nurse made sucking motions with his lips, dreaming so peacefully of a blue boob-a-looba.

    When he awoke, the boob-a-looba was not blue. And the fat boy wouldn’t nurse.

    The end.

  2. Yah that’s hwy Sophia is on a very delayed schedule. Last week she just finished her 4 month immunizations. I think it’s good to hold off if you feel you should. Nothing is better than a mothers instinct.

  3. Well, I’m glad I have a little longer to decide about the MMR vaccine. The vaccines (in general) creep me out. I was reading about the hpv vaccine that they’re doing? That sounds so scary! I can tell you that my daughter will NOT be receiving that one! Cervical cancer is pretty horrible, but if you get regular pap smears, you’re not likely to die from it. I don’t think it’s a risky enough disease to take a new immunization for it!

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