Bye Bye Birth Control Poison!!

I don’t feel like blogging today because I’m a grumbling ball of grumpiness.  Sorry, I wish I had nice things to say more often.  I’m starting to blame the birth control and as of tomorrow, I’m done with it.  Bye bye stupid birth control.  I give up on it.  I’ll just abstain until my husband gets the snip snip…that’ll be good motivation for him to make that stinking appointment already!!  Ha ha ha.


  1. I’ve taken the mini-pill since I had baby, it’s not the greatest but it doesn’t affect my milk. I’m taking it for 6 months and then we’ll decide if I’ll switch or not. I always forget the stupid thing and then I have to catch up. So I can about imagine how good it’s actually working.

  2. HAHAHAHA!! You know, I stopped taking my BCP because I was convinced they were making me insane. My mood swings were TERRIBLE!! My husband finally got a vasectomy after a YEAR of nagging, begging, and pleading.

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