I’m sick again. WOOHOOO! I love being sick. Ya ya ya ya.

I thought some visuals would bring you some joy today. I don’t have enough within me to give, although I’m very happy that my MIL is lost in her own little cleaning world upstairs. Yay for MIL’s.

Oh and Melanie (my sister in law) Leanne told me you commented on her blog so now you need to comment on mine!!

This is me enjoying Isaacs fatness.


What’s this thing around my neck?? What’s going on?


I’m worried..


First bite of rice cereal…


This stuff isn’t that bad..



My poor toe toe


I gave myself some bangs…I think they’re HOTT


Well there you go kids. I hope you enjoyed the new picts as much as Ikey enjoyed his first tastes of rice cereal (he gagged) TTFN!

 PS I passed 40 000 hits…so cool, thanks everyone!



  1. I think your bangs look hot too. It makes me want to get some but I’m so chicken with my hair. They’re awesome!

  2. Yes but no cold, usually you get a cold more than a few days after being exposed to it. It’s usually not air born either, you need to get some snot or saliva in your body also (gross). Sorry, can’t blame me.

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