Corn Bread Pudding is Heaven

A little late on the blog today. I thought I’d better write before my step-father had a hernia and starts calling me. This is for you Mark! (BTW, come visit soon, Silas misses his grandpa).

I’m making chili and corn bread pudding which is the most amazing thing in the world. Go make it now!! GO! Stop reading and go. I also am making some ganache which we whip up and just eat as is. Yum yum yum. It’s kinda for Brent’s birthday…celebrating with his family. I would have had a big party but another person is having one today and they invited people first. Just family it is.

We went to Ikea today. I’m so stupid. I’ve fed Silas two things today where I didn’t ask if there were peanuts. He got a few hives from his Ikea french fries at lunch. Dangit. I seriously need to get a grip and remember. I’m usually better than that.

Know what? I hate judging. I hate being judged. I hate knowing that people are most likely leaving my home and then judging things they saw. I know it happens. I’m not paranoid. I just freaking hate it. Grrrrrrr. The thing is, other things work for other people. Just because one person likes things one way doesn’t mean it’s any better than something someone else does. My house is messy but my kids are dang happy and healthy!

Anyway, on another note, Silas helped me make waffles today so here’s some photos of his cuteness. His best job was eating the batter.



Look Jill, it’s his white trash shorts!!


you can see there’s a beverage for mommy and one for Silas…ha ha ha


After the food he had a little look at a toy catalogue


Such a happy boy with a tummy full of whole wheat and flax waffles.  He ate as much as we did!


And some naked Ikey just so no one is left out.  Look at that TUMMY!  No extra nipples yet!



  1. I hear ya about the judging thing, you have to do what works for you, and if your kids are happy but the place is a bit messy, who gives a poop! I need to care less, but I dont judge other people for their homes, and besides, you have a wonderful inviting homley home:):)!
    Lone ya!
    P.S. Love the pics of Silas waffling haha and of fat liitle Ikey!:)

  2. Just looking at these pics again. So freaking cute. Where’s that video of Silas and I making brownies in your kitchen?

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