The Results Are In And….

… the lactation consultant had no idea what to say other than I shouldn’t feed him longer than 30 minutes because it’ll just keep my milk supply up high and he wont be getting much after that anyway.  She was nice though and Ikey thought that she was funny.  This week I chart chart chart every diaper every feeding and how it all went.  Lets hope I remember.  She also said what I thought she would say, that I shouldn’t sleep train him until this is all figured out.  I’m slightly relieved.  He doesn’t need any more stress now does he.  He was so sad yesterday.  Last night Brent was upstairs working on the closet organizers and he heard Ike’s cries get really gurgly so he ran into his room and Ike had puked all over himself from crying so hard.  Poor guy.

You know those commercials with the Rubbermaid Configurations closet organizers?  The lady is easily putting everything together, it’s all a snap?  Well two of those darn things took Brent all day to put in.  He kept swearing at the lady in the photos saying “ITS NOT THAT EASY!!”  ha ha ha.  Brent’s so cute.  He also stayed up late putting the shelves in our dinning room.  We’re making Ikea book cases look like built-ins.  It really warms up the place to have them even though they aren’t done.  The past two nights I’ve dreamed of them almost all night.  I think it’s because we couldn’t get any of the drawers or doors because they were all sold out.  Annoying dreams.

Anyway, I’m going to attempt to nurse booger-head and visit with Juliet, she’s here for the day!


  1. Pictures, please 🙂 Oh wait, maybe I should just come over…hey remember that awesome amazing supper you were gonna make for us last week? Would looooove it this week, especially with the crazy work load in this house. Why am I procrastinating again?

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