Breastfeeding Frustrations

Ok so anyone else have a baby who gets milk streaming out of his nose when breastfeeding?  Yes, streaming.  Like it’s going in his mouth and then straight out his nose.  And no, he’s not laughing.  I do have a tendancy to have things come out of my nose.  Especially when I’m with Courtenay.  She’s made many things go up my nose including carrot.  I hope there’s not something wrong with Isaac’s whole system there that’s making this happen.

Breastfeeding is getting annoying.  Ike is having a pretty hard time during the day.  I think I might go see a lactation consultant to see if there’s any tricks out there.  I know Silas pulled his head back and screamed bloody murder when I was nursing him too.  So frusterating!  Ike doesn’t scream bloody murder but he still cries and cries.  Sometimes he cries when I just offer him my breast, like he’s not looking forward to this next feeding.  He seems to get a gap somewhere so he sucks in some air causing him to cough and swallow air and then he’s pissed because he has a burp in there which takes forever to get out of him.  His latch is best at night time.  It’s perfect then and he likes to keep it latched for two hours sometimes.  I dunno, I guess I’m getting used to that part.

I’m glad I’m a person who formula is just not an option.  I like all natural things.  It’s how I eat and live so my mind is just very made up about that.  The only cleaning things in my house that aren’t all natural is my shampoo, but I’m a hairdresser so I’m picky.  I’ve been through a troubling nursing time before so I know I can get through it again.  I’m just frustrated.  Another thing I’m frustrated with is my sweet little Silas only sleeping an hour and a bit and is now screaming in his bed room.  I guess it’s now time for me to go.  Will the teething ever end?


  1. i honestly think that you should go see an LC. I seems like you have an overactive letdown. I had that and that’s why Sophia was being difficult. The best way to do that is to squeeze some out before you start feeding him so that he doesn’t get the huge let down. He is a slow eater like Sophie and that’s why he is having trouble.

  2. the easiest way to tell is whether it kinda tigles when you have a let down. If so then that is your problem. It helped soooooo much for me to just squeeze some out and then let her drink. I tried not to have the initial letdown while she was latched on until she was able to drink faster. It causes babies tummy aches.

  3. It does sound like you have a very powerful let-down. You might want to pump until you have let-down, then let him latch on. He is probably calmest at night because that is when your milk supply is typically at its lowest. Go see an LC! You will wonder how you got along without one! And best wishes for a long and healthy nursing relationship.

  4. I think you should not nurse the baby continuously. I know how frustrating it can be as I have twins. See an LC and be patient…things will work out for you and your baby. Good luck!

  5. Neel-Continuously? I have scheduled feedings. No feeding continuously here.

    I know for sure I have agressive let down. I never paid attention to feeling for my let down while he’s nursing. When he’s not nursing I can feel it because it freaking hurts! Anyway, last night I paid attention and sure enough every time it happened he’d start panicking. I emptied my breast a little before nursing this morning and it helped. Thanks folks! I just wish I had a breast pump so I could save some milk.

  6. Pluckymama, all I can see is that it will pass. My bubba was the same, went through periods of screaming at the breast, every time I so much as opened up my bra. I don’t know why, could have been fast letdown, too much foremilk, fussy baby, intolerance to something I was eating, I really have no idea. I tried a lot of things, but in the end time fixed everything. I would say just take advantage of the nighttime feeds when all is calm, and do the best you can in the day. It will get better sooner than you think.

  7. Plucky, I just read your response (I must be tired) that expressing a bit first helped. You can still save the milk you express if you just do it into a sterile container, no problem. Sometimes I hand express into a cup or something, it’s easy to do when you have loads of milk like us!

  8. it’s hard to catch it all, I spray everywhere!! I usually just end up making a mess…and we all know how sticky that stuff is.

    I did go through this all with my first and it all turned out great in the end so I know it’ll be good. It’s just frustrating for now.

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