An Abomination

I can’t stand Isaac right now. The nerve of what he’s doing, the manipulation in it all. He’s just being so doggone precious and I’ve had enough. He is truly sublime and it’s just too much to cope with. Even as I type he’s happily cooing away in the bouncy chair. Can you believe it people? You must be horrified of my situation, it’s an abomination. Really.

Here’s some proof

It’s funny if you listen to what Silas is saying in the background.  I’m kind of embarrassed by my baby-talk but I assure you my voice is always that young-sounding anyway.  Note our bed behind Silas’ highchair.  Yes, we really are living in close quarters.

Anyway, enough of being a smart ass. We went to a Discovery Toy party (we being Isaac and I) which was held at Auntie Leanne’s house and it was lovely. I purchased a few toys that I think will be a hit in our house. I’m thinking I might want to be a rep for them. It’d be a cool way to earn money (you don’t earn that much) and that would make me feel good. You can work as much or as little as you want. You just have to sell 125 bucks/year to keep up your status. Anyway, I’m thinking about it.

I’m trying to nurse Ikey while I type and it isn’t going so well. He gets so overwelmed by my speedy let down. He’s just crying now. Crying and sweating. Nursing is my least favorite Isaac activity. I really cannot wait to have my own body back.

I have a dilemma. I really scored on my last birthday and got like 200 bucks and I have no idea what to get for myself. Here’s some options I’ve thought of: saving it for when I reach my goal weight and then buy clothes, get an exercise stepper, get a tattoo (sorry grandma), do something practical like get something I need for my house, get a membership to a gym. Okay any other ideas? I really don’t know what I should do. When I was little I just mainly spent my birthday money on chocolate bars but now when I have money that I am allowed to spend on anything, guilt free, I take my time. I also got a $100 gift certificate for the spa as well so I’m going to start using that next month!


  1. As for the hiccups would you consider giving him some water . You will have your own body back for the most of your life, I know its true.

  2. Darn hiccups. I giggled when you said punkin at the end – I say that ALL the time. And I informed my husband – it’s NOT PUMPkin – it’s PUNkin 🙂 Great video – and I loved hearing Silas in the background – those little kid voices and baby voices (babbles) are SO wonderful!

  3. Ha ha. Could you figure out what he was saying? There was a “time out” and a “no no no” and “all done” frequently. He’s funny. I love hearing him talk too. I watch the beginning of the video over and over cuz Ike’s noises are too wonderful.

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