Ever notice how moist and damp life becomes after having babies? There’s a million damp situations to deal with every day. Pee, leaking pee, peeing during a diaper change, spit up, wet breast pads, sloppy nursers getting milk everywhere, spurting breasts all over the babies face when they take the latch off, drool, mystery wet spots, sweat. Say what? Sweat? Yes in my case there’s a lot of sweat. Isaac sweats like a 13 year old Neanderthal Man on a very hot day. This usually only occurs while nursing and I can’t decide if it’s actually funny or incredibly gross. I’m on the fence with that one. It’s kind of entertaining because I can give him fun hairstyles with his soaking hair while he nurses. I find myself playing in the sweat a lot. I’m kind of weirded out by the back of his hand sweat though. Yes, there’s sweat pouring out of the back of his hands. I can’t touch them, it bothers me. I swear I might have to break out the Degree for that boy soon. Silas has stinky feet and Isaac has B.O.! Well the stinky feet part is true, which is also slightly alarming.

It is insanely humid here right now which is making the moisture issue even more of an…issue. Everything everywhere is just feeling damp. I swear mushrooms are going to start growing, not only in my damp dark bra but perhaps dark corners of the house. I actually had mushrooms growing in the first car I owned. It leaked so there were puddles in the back seats and mushrooms were sprouting. It was my little garden I could take with my anywhere. Lovely.

Anyway, time to indulge in a bit more moisture, the dishes need a wash. Someone put me to sleep and wake me up when I own a dishwasher again. I’ll let you know if I actually do the dishes or play on Facebook instead. I’m bidding on the latter.

So Silas got up early so no dishes or facebook *sigh*


  1. This made me giggle – my little guy gets sweaty while nursing too. I figured it must just be a lot of work to fill that little belly. His face just feels sweaty. I obviously fell asleep while nursing last night, I awoke this morning to a boob flopped out, a wet bra, a wet bed, a wet shirt – fun times. And what’s up with my squirt guns I’m packin! Geesh – I think I could squirt across the room with these babies!!

  2. Reformatting – I’m always waking up with a boob flopped out. The squirt guns were fun like two years ago and now I just want my body back to myself

    Jenivere- those dang hormones hey?? At least you’re getting rid of excess water!!

  3. “Isaac sweats like a 13 year old Neanderthal Man on a very hot day”

    This is a quote I am rather fond of. Good job on the excellent mental picture!

  4. Mom’s sweat after they give birth for the first few weeks (during nursing) because it helps regulate baby’s temperature, and also to help shed the retained water weight. After that, though, I guess it’s just because all that feeding burns so many calories, that it must be hard work! In some sick ways, I can’t wait, because it means that I’ll be losing weight (not to mention that Hello! Baby will be here then!).

    I hate how humid it’s been here lately. I guess I complain about the dryness in the winter, but still. Wow. I can’t stand feeling sticky all the time. When we were in Florida in May, the thing that drove me the most crazy was that any drink you had was incredibly slippery with condensation. I am not sure why, but it drove me bonkers.

  5. I often feed my baby in a sling walking down the street. It’s rather embarrasing though, when he pulls off suddenly and milk squirts down the street …

  6. I’m nursing right now. Time to get more damp.

    Kait- you will mind the sweats trust me. After I had Silas it was the worst at night. I’d wake up with the bed soaked. With Isaac it sneak attacked me and I’d just suddenly be all wet. Eww

    Leanne- glad i made you smile 🙂

    Amberjee- that sling thing works well?

    My hand is soaked with breast milk now.

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