Stupid IUD

So much for stupid IUD’s. No one told me they cost like 300 bucks. Poo on that. I stepped on the scale and realized that I have lost more weight. It even went to this month’s goal weight for 1/2 a second but then back up to 170. I guess I am still losing so I don’t completely hate my BC right now. Perhaps I’ll get to this month’s bonus goal of 165. Lets try! Being in the 160’s seems so much better than the 170’s. So far I’ve lost 9 pounds. Yay me. I don’t feel any skinnier though. I feel a lot healthier though. Eating healthy food makes such a difference. Even my mind is clearer. 40 pounds to go before the ultimate goal weight!!!

When I got Issac out of my bed this morning there was pee all over the place. We don’t have a washing machine in this place so I felt like an old school house wife as I hand washed the sheets and hung them to dry. Ike took a long time to settle last night but made up for it by sleeping really well. He woke at around 5am so I just brought him into bed. I love it that you can’t spoil an infant. I keep forgetting that and blaming myself for spoiling them. I keep forgetting that their memory isn’t very good. I love having him in bed with me in the mornings. We’re so warm and cozy. Ike is such a darling.

Silas is off today. I’m thinking the ear infection may have returned. We’ll try and get into a walk-in tonight or today. My doctor is on vacation, the nerve. Silas actually slept 12 hours last night like a toddler should but he was very unhappy this morning. Thank God for nap time!! He did do something remarkable and took the spoon from my hand this morning and started feeding himself like a pro. A week ago he wasn’t getting the scooping motion but today he was scooping as much oatmeal on his spoon as he could. I love little developmental breakthroughs. Like yesterday he was stacking his stacking cups like a real pro. I was shocked. They’re hard to balance and he was great at it. He needs some blocks in a bad way.

Well Ike is being silly and wanting to be held. He did this all day yesterday, didn’t want to be put down during his naps. grrr. Oh well. He’s still and angel.


  1. I didn’t realize that IUD’s were so expensive. Do you have a drug plan that covers your BC? Because long term, the IUD might be cheaper (unless, like me, you don’t pay for BC).

    I’m sorry to hear that Silas might be having problems with his ears again. I had that problem as a toddler, and I know it must have driven my mom nearly mad.

    That’s exciting to see them feeding themselves, especially when they start to do it without a lot of mess!

  2. 300! Wow. I have a drug plan, so i never know what anything costs.

    Vivian is slightly off today as well, and likely getting annoyed with me asking “are you ok?” all the time.

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