Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen of My Pet Peeves

1. When people don’t get up to freeway speed before the end of the on-ramp

2. When I order my steak medium rare and it’s cooked more than that (this ALWAYS happens)

3. Obese children’s parents

4. Having to listen to a person singing off-key

5. Non parents who think they have all the parenting answers

6. Girls who say “I’m so fat” and wait for you to say “no you’re not”.  Stop complaining to me unless you’re actually doing something about it!

7.  Really slow service at a business (aka Subway)

8.  Blinking Christmas lights

9.  Parents who bribe their kids with McDonalds when I’m cutting their hair.  They usually scream the whole time and then the mom says “ok lets go to McDonalds”.  What the heck?

10. Most children older than five (I know…weird huh? Do you still love me?)

11.  Parents who bring their kids to inappropriate movies

12.  Explaining computer things to people

13.  Getting something stolen from me.  GRRRRRR



  1. I find that I just don’t really like other people’s kids all that much. Maybe I’m just cranky… but yeah. I definitely like most babies, but once they start to misbehave… I don’t know. I guess I’m a terrible person (and to add to that? I don’t really like puppies. Can we still be friends?).

  2. No! In my convoluted family, I’m on the older end. I have a younger sister (only 2 years difference), then I have a half sister and brother who are 10 and 7 (about). Them, I don’t mind. I don’t really mind my nieces and nephews, but I’m not enamored by them either. The kids at church? NOT A FAN. Kids at the mall? GAH. Maybe I’m just a cranky old broad who has no time for misbehavin’. ::shrugs:: Oh well. I’ll like my own, right? Right?

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