I Do It

Wow, a vocabulary breakthrough has happened this morning. Silas just put his own sentence together using his own understanding of the English language. He said “I do it” when he wanted to feed himself. Everything is covered in oatmeal as a result. I’m so happy that he’s starting to use sentences. So exciting. Yesterday he started saying “almost done” when I’m doing something to him he doesn’t want done, like changing his bum. When the doctor was checking his throat yesterday he cried “almost done” very cute.  He turned 20 months yesterday.

I’m annoyed. I have really liked what I’ve heard of Rihanna on the radio so I bought her new CD off itunes and it kinda sucks. I’m not big into pop music but I thought she was different. Turns out only her hits are different. Oh well, a waste of 10 bucks.

We have real video footage of Isaac smiling
Ikey Smiles

That was taken last night and this morning his smiles have exploded.  They’re way better than what’s on that video.  I was a bit teary as he smiled and made the most wonderful noises for me.  He even stopped nursing to smile at me.  I loved it.  This marks the beginning of him actually being fun.  He’s fast asleep in his bouncy chair right now.  It’s the only place where Silas can’t attack him while he sleeps.I woke up at 3:30 am to Ike crying so I went to get up and had the worst pain in my knee.  Once I was done nursing it was so hard to get comfy in bed.  I ended up taking tylenol and that helped.  Trying to move my leg in bed hurt so bad because it put pressure on whatever was inflamed.  It was dreadful.  It’s still sore this morning but doesn’t hurt too badly to walk on.  It really sucked in the night though.  Grrrr.  Good thing my bed is comfy enough that I can lay in one position for a long time and I’m always comfy.  Having to change position would have sucked!

So I fixed the goopy eye.  I’m brilliant.  None of those things they tell you to do work so I did something of my own.  Ike’s tub fits over the kitchen sink so I let the tap run over that eye while massaging the tear duct for about 5 minutes.  He didn’t mind much so I could do it or a long time (we took some breaks still) and VOILA all better.  I did that two nights ago and he’s still clear.  There, now you know how to fix the goopy crusty eye.

The end.

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  1. And I showed him how to use a fork and right away he was saying, “I do it.” It was soooo darling. I miss him and he was just here yesterday.

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