The Nipple Meets Fame

Someone has read my blog and contacted me about my excess nipple problem.  He’s doing a documentary in the UK about superfluous nipples and is very interested in my lactating one.  We’ve worked it out and my lactating nipple in my armpit is  coming soon to a theatre near you.  Well no it wont be in theatres but whatever.  It’ll be in the documentary.  I think that’s grand.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about click here.  Isn’t that the coolest news you’ve heard all stinking day?

More progress is being made on getting ready to fix up our new house.  Brent’s already found us a free brand-new bathtub and a free bathroom fixture (sink faucet) that’s worth quite a bit of moolah.  This is when I really start loving his job.  It does have perks.  I love these perks.  We’re going to get some tile samples on Monday for some free or almost free tile from another connection.  Hopefully there will be enough for us to use.  We’re looking into getting an under the sink reverse osmosis water filter as well because we think that’s a good asset and we’ll drink healthier water.  With getting so many things for free we can enjoy a few perks like that I think.  Plus it’s good for resale.  Brent talked to the guy at the appliance place and were going to go ahead and get all new stainless steel appliances because we can get the fridge, glass top stove, dishwasher and microwave hood fan for about $2600.  Literal pennies for that whole package.  I’m so stoked because one of my sisters needs different appliances really badly so we’re able to get them the ones that are already in our place.  They’re still new-ish.  I really hope this stainless steel is going to be easier to keep clean than it all used to be.  Today I’m going to steal my sisters paint color wheel thingy and pick some paint colors.  I really am going to have trouble with this one.  The downstairs colors will really depend if we’re going to re-do the entire kitchen layout and rip out walls and such.  I think I’ll just pick out all the colors except for that area.

Anyway, all exciting news except that I looked at our papers last night and we don’t get to move into our new place on the 1st.  We have to move in on the 2nd.  Weird.  Jennie can we stay two nights at your house then?? I love you!

I have something else to say but I forgot but I’m sure that’s ok because I’m really blabbing today.  Oh ya, it was quick.  I fit into this months goal pants!! Yay for losing weight!!

The end….I promise


  1. Yay! good for you. gotta love goal pants! Sounds like you are going to have a pretty kitchen. I’m going to have to come over and cook at your house. haha

  2. Cool about the nipple thing!

    Um, I have stainless, and no kids, and it always has finger prints on it. So, I say just get used to them looking not perfect, and you’ll be fine. I find the only appliances that don’t look dirty all the time are white ones. For some reason, the black also broadcasts the finger prints. Oh, and the black parts of the stainless ones get dusty really fast – at least at our house. That’s not to say you shouldn’t get them… just that if you want a truly spotless kitchen, you’ll be cleaning all the time.

    Yay for goal pants! Go you!

  3. And I can like … tell everyone … that that’s … like totally … my sister’s nipple. I actually share … like … genes with that person. And like … I also share … jeans. For real.

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