Oh Hormones

Yesterday those silly hormones hit me.  Not too hard, not like when I had Silas.  I was feeling anxiety though and that just sucks.  I only cried a little.  I’m already getting a little companied out right now.

We had the morning to ourselves today and it was quite nice.  Silas woke up before Isaac did so we had our usual cuddle in my bed, it felt sooo nice.  Then Isaac woke up and the morning went really smoothly.  I’m lucky to have a fairly easy-going child who doesn’t demand massive amounts of attention.  Isaac slept even better last night, going down at 9-ish and waking only once at 3:30 to feed.   He was kind of awake still after he ate so I held him a bit and then decided to see if he’d be ok to just be put down and he was.  I put him down and he didn’t make a peep until 6:30-ish.  I think he’s got some mean plan worked out in his head that once all my help has left and we’re all alone then he’s going to stop sleeping at night.  I’m just bracing myself for when that happens.  It still took me a while to fall asleep again, I’ve been having troubles with that.  Silly.

Nursing is going really well too.  I think I’ve got him on a three hour schedule now.  I love scheduled feeding…makes so much sense.

I’m going to see my Chiro today and I’m very excited, everything feels like it needs to be put back into place again after all that.  My back is just in knots too, I might demand a rub from my hubby tonight.


looking strangely at the blanket


cuddle with daddy



  1. Ooooh yah, you’re back. I think Isaac has gotten cuter since I left. I keep switching my screen saver back and forth between Silas and Isaac. I need to get one that will accomodate ALL of the little ones…like the picture frames that hold 20 pictures 🙂 I hope you’re having a good day with Mom. Say hello to your hormones for me. xxoo

  2. I hope he stays on that nice schedule! I’m planning on having some us time after baby – I don’t much like a house full of company all the time anyway. I’d like to be able to get back to myself first.

  3. Hey mama! As you’re aware I too have been a tad busy with the wee ones so I just found out now that you had yours. Congrats! He is absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to many more stories about the adventures of Silas and Isaac (love that name by the way).

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