Finally, Some Answers

I’m part into my book So I’m Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?  It’ll a book for adults with ADD or ADHD that have been recently diagnosed.  It’s really cool and I’m learning a lot.  (My goodness I just got home and my husband is watch Honey…ha ha ha…for the second time HA HA HA)  I’ve found out why I do certain things.  Like when I’m visiting with people in their home or my own I can’t get my arse off the couch.  I get really tired and I literally cannot move myself.  I hated that about me because then I’m not a good hostess or I’m not a good guest.  The thing is, I’m having a total overload in my brain from all the stimulation so my brain does kind of what a computer does when you open too many programs, it freezes.  (Mac users wouldn’t get that comment because our computers don’t freeze :)).  It’s really neat to know that there’s a biological reason for my madness.  Too bad I can’t go into people’s houses and say “I’d love to help you but I have ADD and my brain is over-loaded right now and I literally cannot move” ya I’m sure everyone would understand that one.  They’d be thinking “get  off your ass idiot”.

My husband is picking up the book when I put it down and reading it himself.  It’ll be good for him to have a better understanding of his zany wife.  Last night I was able to tell him the reason why I can’t give him an answer if he asks me a question and is all in a hurry.

Anyway, the book is good!

Brent’s taking a couple days off work to relax.  It’s nice to have him home.  I like the help!! Tomorrow we go to the doctor so he can get his hearing check and to talk about taking away a certain purpose of a certain apparatus of his.  Should be good.


  1. I’ve just ordered the book in at the library … so I’ll be able to understand you better, too. Does it provide solutions?

  2. I need to read “So I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy”, but my AADD wouldn’t allow me to do it!! :). I score off the charts.

    When I was 14 y.o., I told my mom I needed to talk about my problem with a psychologist. I told this guy one of my problems is how I would physically shake when I tried to study at school or home, and get sick. But this guy declared me normal after one visit. I was very disappointed. It was only 2 years later the ADD was identified and named. But I didn’t learn about it for a very long time.

    Fortunately for yourself (and me) mental health professionals are getting smarter about AADD all time. I’m expecting more and more scientific breakthroughs in the near future.

    Having a husband who is understanding like yours is, is priceless. I know you know this. I’ve experienced a lot of criticism in the past, (and present) and it’s pretty awful.

    Give your hubby a pat on the back for me.

  3. I want to learn about ADD along with you. I’m thinking it might dwell with me too. I’m glad you’re finding help, with that you can perhapes help me too.

  4. I have a book on ADHD and Women I can send you-I was originally diagnosed with it, now the diagnosis is bipolar (which I believe it should have been all along)

    it had some good woman specific stuff. let me know if you’d like it. it’s just sitting around otherwise.

  5. I’d like to think your friends and family wouldn’t be so insensitive as to say “get off your ass, idiot”. I figure more knowledgeable people means more understanding people. That’s always a plus.

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