Yummy In My Tummy!!

Yesterday my mom watched the boys while Brent and I went out and spent our $100 gift certificate at The Olive Garden. It was really fun and we were rather hyper. Yummy fooood. We spent all of the money. It was nice. We then went to a couple Honda dealerships to see if there were any minivans in our price range…nope. I did sit in a 2007 Odyssey for a while and pushed all of the buttons. I was opening and closing the sliding doors and everything. There were 6 cup holders within my reach, I could have 6 drinks going!! Anyway, I was thrilled and I asked the salesman if he’d trade straight up for our golf and he just laughed at me.

We came home to two very happy boys. Isaac fell asleep on the couch all by himself and was sucking on a BOTTLE when I walked in. EXCUSE ME? Anyway, apparently my services aren’t needed anymore. The little brat is just using me because I’m NICE.

I made everyone a dinner of perogies and farmer sausage with white gravey. Jules and mom were the only ones that ate. I was too full and Brent and J went to the nearby Pub for a quick drink only to return home at 11 PM!! They needed it though, it was good for them. Jules and I potted plants on my living room floor at 10 pm. It was fun fun fun. We ran out of dirt though so I went and bought more today. I also bought worm castings to mix in, too much fun I say!


  1. I like the Olive Garden. I worked there until a efw months ago…I think I ate too much pasta while I was there…my poor body. But we were just there for lunch today. Oh how I love it.

  2. Okay just what kind of bottle is Ikey into dare I ask. I can clearly imagine what a great time you and Brent had going out.

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