Spent Birthday Money!!

I finally spent half of my birthday money.  I found some really cheap pottery at a nursery nearby so I got some pots for my plants that need transplanting and then I got plants for those pots about to get empty.  I forgot one pot I needed for a plant that needs a bigger pot…dangit.  I couldn’t believe how cheap everything was, it was exciting.  I got a MASSIVE pot for my rubber tree, it’s in the trunk waiting for Brently to carry it in.  Too heavy for these arms.  It’s going to look lovely in there and then it’ll have loads of room to get very very very big.  I also bought a money tree that was already potted.  It’s cute.  I gotta figure out how to continue the braid…I’ll google that.  I got a jade plant and a china doll (my last one died in the move…poor guy) and I got a snake plant as well.  I really want to get a Eucalyptus plant but I might have to order that one.  I just need a hanging plant for Silas’ room to clean the air in there.  Perhaps I’ll just stick a plant on his dresser for now.

I saw a little boy in the nursery who reminded me just of Silas.  He was still full of baby fat with big brown eyes and he walked RIGHT up to me and said hi and started to play with my cart.  I wanted to bring him HOME!  I need to find a good playgroup for Silas…perhaps once I stop being a hermit?

I still have 100 bucks of cash and $100 gift certificate for the spa I haven’t used.  I might use the cash for my tattoo I wanna get.  So thanks people who gave me birthday money, I finally made use of it!

Oh my I’m so tired.  I need a nap!!

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  1. I love how you love plants and I admire the way you keep them growing, and now you have new “babies ” to care for …good for you. By the way I have one live plant in my house too. How was the Menno food, and did you get enough?

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