My mom is here visiting. Last night Mom, Brent and I drank entirely too much wine and had a good laugh. I needed that. Just in case you’re wondering, “too much wine” meant that we just got a little buzz on…nothing too crazy, not with my mom!!

This morning Mom and I attempted to get the boys ready for Ikea. They both took turns crying intermittently. I put the car seats in my mom’s car and when I went to buckle Silas in he cried SO hard. I don’t know what I did or if I did anything but he had the cry hiccups from it all. I felt so bad for the poor little gaffer. He calmed down after I sang You Are My Sunshine to him 5 billion times.

Ikea was fun. We got all the doors and drawers for the big shelf unit in our dining room. We’re making it look like built ins and it’s VERY pretty. I also got one of those trade-mark Ikea chairs that everyone has but I did get nice brown upholstery instead of the typical white or off white. Brent doesn’t know yet. Silas and I just put it together so it’s in our living room for him once he gets home. Silas sat there with me the entire time sticking the screw driver and the screws in various holes. It was rather impressive. Last time I built something with him he was SO into it but then he knew how the thing was held together and so he does not have an upright shelving unit in his room…just a bunch of wire squares all over the floor. Clever fellow.

Tonight we’re going to the MCC sale and we’re going to gorge ourselves on Mennonite food until we fall over. My tummy is already perfectly bloated from all that wine last night and now I’m going to top her off with pork, starch and cream gravey. Bring it on baby!! Perhaps I’ll see something there that suits my fancy and perhaps I’ll do some purchasing but my main focus is the perogies and farmers sausage. Then onto the other culinary delights that I don’t know how to spell because they’re all in Low German. MIL says I pronounce them well. I didn’t grow up Mennonite, I had no idea that they had a whole culture going on and was amazed when I went to a Mennonite Bible college. Now I’ve embraced the culture as I’ve married one of them and hope to carry on some traditions Menno style.

Anyway, I’m going to top Ikey’s tummy off with a little nursing session so I can eat as long as my little heart desires. WOOOOT



  1. Now you have me hungry for Menno food!! I met and made friends with wonderful Mennonite people 27 years ago. Then, 8 years later we moved to a town that had a MCC church, and that became my church. So Leah, you attended that church for quite awhile, but you were probably too young to remember that it was Mennonite! I’ve attended Menno churches whenever possible ever since(there’s is no MCC church where I’m living now- sniff, sniff). But when I learned you were marrying a Mennonite man, I was so very pleased! Truthfully, I’ve always found Mennonite people to be so spiritually mature. They walk the walk that they talk about. So genuine! And I love there history too.

    Ok, you married a Menno. I was sure, because you are such a good cook anyway, that you would become a master Menno cook!! 🙂 If you haven’t yet, you probably will. Your just so busy making beautiful babies!

    The photo of Ikey above is so adorable! But I’ve gotta run ’cause I’m making borscht ‘n perogies for supper! Auf Wiedersehen!! – dad

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