Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen odd things about me
  1. I count things when I’m stressed. Like I’ll count stairs as I go up them or my chops when I’m cutting something up. Lately I’ve been counting each swipe of the wipes across my boy’s bums. I never make note of the final number.
  2. As you all probably know, I have 9 nipples and one lactates
  3. I’ll stare at a Christmas tree if it has blinking lights and it’ll slowly drive me more and more crazy but I can’t look away. I hate blinking Christmas lights, they never look even.
  4. I often blurt out things that are entirely inappropriate. Most people just know me and are OK with it but it gets embarrassing around the in -laws. My husband thinks it’s great.
  5. If I’m in church or in a place where I’m sitting behind someone I’ll stare at their hair and all of the flaws in the haircut and I’ll envision myself changing it and making it look better.
  6. I really like Oreos dipped in peanut butter (thanks Courtenay)
  7. If my hands have been wet for a while certain textures give me the heebie jeebies. Like the feeling of my finger pads rubbing against each other or certain materials will make me shudder if I touch them.
  8. If something is striped then there needs to be a pattern. If it doesn’t have a proper pattern then I have to make one in my mind for it before it makes me freaky. I’ll continue to stare at it and let it drive me crazy also.
  9. A spot on the wall will drive me nuts for months but I’ll never do anything about it.
  10. I’m the most open person I know. I can talk sex with an stranger (or my mom) and it wont even phase me…anything is a fine thing to talk about with me.
  11. Picking things is great. The bigger the better. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Popping zits is also great fun but I’ve never really had them so my husband sometimes has to put up with it.
  12. I love having my blood taken and getting warts removed.
  13. If I’ve had one kind of drink in my cup I can’t put a different kind in the same cup unless I wash it. It really bothers me for some reason.


  1. Okay I laughed, I musts admit. All that was flying through my head was , “OCD much?”. Smack me around for getting a giggle. But the counting thing is something I am terribly guilty of too, usually when I am stressed. Thanks for the laugh.


  2. ie; # 4 “I often blurt out things that are entirely inappropriate”.

    Having Adult ADD myself, I can relate. In the last week I actually read that this tendency can be related to AADD. I’ve found that some people, friends even, can have their feelings hurt but never say anything.

    And strangers? Because I am a Christian and therefore a representative of Jesus on earth, I have to work especially hard to guard my words so as to not be offensive to strangers. It’s tough sometimes.

    The other stuff above looks normal, except for “picking things”!!! I googled this. This is a symptom of someone who is totally nuts!! 🙂 Love ya…

  3. LOL, I love Dad’s comment! Some of my kids like to pick things, zits, toes, whatever.
    I count things, not as much as I used to. Not because I am not stressed but because I found a cure. I have 7 kids and I don’t have time to be obsessive about things. LOL

  4. I am trying to spread this habit of Oreos and PB to the world. Just so you know Golden Oreos work fine with PB too. I haven’t tried Mint yet and I assume PB Oreos work with PB, but you never know.

  5. You like having your blood taken then blood donating will be just your thing . It most certainly does not agree with me. PB with Oreos? Is that anywhere near as good as marshmallows with PB?

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