Three Whole Years!

Man no comments after yesterday’s blog.  Burn.  🙁

Today is mine and Brent’s three year anniversary.  How weird.  Doesn’t seem like enough time to have two kids in already.  We were going to start trying to have kids this fall and then we had Silas so then we were going to try for a second this fall but then we had Ikey so now we’re trying not to get pregnant this fall.  It hasn’t seemed like it’s been three years yet but it’s also seemed longer in other ways.  I do wish we had more time to ourselves before we started the parenting thing but it’s OK.  We’ll have them out of the house when we’re younger and still able to chase each other around the house in the nude….did I just say that?  Three years ago I was sitting in a salon, sipping wine and getting my hair done for the wedding.  It looked so pretty.


Awe, we were so cute.  So many girls have the same dress as I did now.  It wasn’t so popular back then.  Now I look usual and unoriginal in my photos.  Pooo.  The guy marrying us is one of my most favorite people in the world.  He’s not actually….ordained.  We got Courtenay’s husband to sign the papers for us.  I kinda believe the legalities of it aren’t what’s most important.  I wanted someone SUPER special to lead us in making this commitment.  At the very beginning he did the whole marriage speech from The Princess Bride.  Everyone from my family laughed and then when we showed the video at our Manitoba reception no one laughed or got it.  Must be a BC thing.  It’s weird to see Brent with that goatee on his face…he hasn’t had one since that day.


Yes, I had a man in my wedding party…and right beside him is the lovely Courtenay from 8minutes…all of the dresses you see were hand made.  My mom made the two middle ones and my sister Jennie made the one on the far right (worn by my lovely sister Juliet).  I had mine made too but from an expert.  Those shoes the bridesmaids were wearing were 10 bucks each from Wal Mart and I made all the necklaces.


This amazing cake was made by my sister Jennie.  Jill decorated it.  Those are big broken chunks of chocolate that they tiled on with icing.  It was the most original and best tasting cake I’ve ever witnessed at a wedding.  Moist cake with either mocha whip or a pecan filling.  It was a surprise too.  Mmmm.  That’s Cornelius in the background.  He served it to everyone saying “I’m a vending machine”.


We didn’t have a normal wedding at all.  It all took place in the Ramada Inn Ballroom.  Ceremony and everything.  People sipped on their wine while watching the event.  Everyone already seated at tables.  As soon as the ceremony ended the food was served.  Big stations of food.  East Indian, seafood, and picnic food.  Yummy.  The one thing I would have changed is that we would have held off on the food until we returned from taking photos.  We slipped away for 30 minutes to take photos at Castle Fun Park.  It was silly but so…us…or me.  By the time we came back people had gobbled everything up almost.  Except for the raw oysters…I guess they were all chicken.  I wish I had my actual photos on my computer.  They weren’t digital.  One of these days I’ll have to scan all those in.


Hardly anyone tinked on their glasses to get us to kiss.  The one couple that WANTED it to happen…booo.  This is a kiss that we were challenged to do during open mike.  Watch your hands Brent!!

We honeymooned in Canmore and it was beautiful there.  Glorious fall weather, an amazing suite., horseback riding, fancy food, a bottle of champagne in the jacuzzi every night *sigh*.  Brent and I always look back on that fondly.  One day we’ll go back and stay there WITHOUT children.

Marrying Brent was one REALLY good decision I’ve made.  He truly is a great husband.  I was scared out of my tree that day but it all worked out well.


And there’s me being as lady-like as I possibly can be with food in my mouth and a camera pointing at me.  Sorry mom…

 We aren’t celebrating today.  I don’t think.  We’re going to have my mommy watch the boys while we go out for lunch or dinner this weekend.  I hope he at least gets home early today.


  1. I know the guy that married you! He was my philosophy prof at Trinity that made us read a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t understand.

  2. Happy day! Happy Happy Happy!

    Sometimes I think having longer before kids makes it harder-I don’t know. We got married so young that it’s hard to tell. But then they’re out quicker-my Dad got me when he was 40. I cannot, no, will not even imagine.

  3. Happy Anniversary Brent and Leah!
    Yea for Brent getting home early – how special:) Hardly anyone tinked their glasses at our wedding too – and we wanted that!:) Hope you have a good dinner out whenever it happens. Happy Anniversary!

  4. That groomsman is gazing at you quite longingly you heartbreaker you! Cornelius was soooo tiny there! He was saying “i’m like a human vending machine”! Remember when he hugged you with cake on his hands!? Eeeek! Your food was so good! That comment about Randy is hilarious! I’m all babbly today!…and cannot stop using exclamation marks! Goodness me, I need to calm down, time for a drink I think… !

  5. Happy Anniversary, you sure looked lovely on that day…no, you looked gorgeous…HOT, even. Yay for Brent bringing flowers, way to go brother in law. I wanted to tell you that Lucas started to stand up on his own (from a sitting position on the floor), and takes a few steps…He’s so close!

  6. Oh yeah, and I still have dreams about that cake. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I want to have another wedding so your sisters can make me that cake (hey, we’re all family now, right? You guys would do that for me, right?) 🙂

  7. Congratulations on three years!! I’m with Thordora. I’ve been married four years now and we have no children; our plan is to start our family within the next three to five years. That’ll make it at least seven and possibly nine years before we have a baby. Honestly, I feel that because we’ve waited to have children, we’ve gone through marital struggles that we wouldn’t have had the time or energy to allow in our marriage if we had had kids. I’m glad that we are taking the path that we are on, but I think that having kids earlier would have allowed us to skip the heartaches that are unique to marriages that are given time to grow without children coming in early. Let’s call that growing pains. 🙂 So, while you may sometimes look with mild envy at those who had “play years”, us who are having those “play years” are looking with mild envy toward those of you who jumped right into the joys and triumphs (and occasional awfulness, too) of parenthood. Plus you have a pretty amazing “consolation” prize: two amazing children who love and adore you (even when they are making you want to pull your hair out!). So, “play years” pale in comparison to all the good stuff you’ve got!

    Anyways, that’s a pretty random thing to share, and long-winded at that… I’m uninvited around these parts so I think I will shut my trap 🙂

    PS: To Leanne… congrats on an almost walking Lucas… looking forward to seeing pics on the blog!!

  8. i had my brother as one of my “bridesmaids” and my husband had a female friend as a “groomsman”. that was 22 years ago. my mom made my dress. and the cakes. my cake was so huge that they had a second reception the next day after church to finish it off. she was so wiped out that when my sister got married she passed the cake making on to someone else.

    your wedding day looks like it was fun and relaxed and very special. exactly how it was suppose to be.

  9. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both. I remember well your wedding day and how much I enjoyed it… the Ramada was “our hotel” in those days and your wedding being there made it relaxing for me. Your wedding cake truly was the best cake I’ve ever tasted, very good work Jennie and Jill. And what did you get Brent for today?

  10. Happy Anniversary! Its totally weirding me out that that much time has passed since then. Still a newlywed and an old married couple at the same time huh? Thats how I feel.
    And pretty much had I met it first I might have married that cake instead of Morgan.

  11. I remember your wedding. I flew out specially for it. It was pretty. And I remember your dress as being very unoque and orginal. Now whenever I see one like it I think, “leah had one first” and I remember you telling me that you had the seamstress take out half the folds because you said “my dress looks like a scrunchie”! Fun wedding. I’m glad I was there. Thanks for inviting me. Love you. And Brent.

  12. Happy Anniversary! Your wedding looked like a very special and fun day! How very cool that you used the Princess Bride speech! Amazing cake and gorgeous dress! I don’t go to enough weddings to know if anyone else is wearing it, so I think it looks totally original on you. 🙂 P

  13. Hey you!
    Happy anniversary! I totally remember that, wow, three years since I got to eat that cake!:(! haha
    You looked beautiful! All the best!
    P.S. YAY for Brent getting home early with flowers and booze!WOOOOT!
    luv ya!

  14. All the positive cake comments are making me feel warm and fuzzy. Yes Leanne – I’ll make you a wedding cake – yes we’re family. BTW, in case anyone is wondering – Leah is ACTUALLY legally married. In case you were confused.

    It was a really really really great day. Although everyone went home too soon and didn’t dance enough.

  15. Happy Anniversary! We asked our minister to do the wedding speech from the Princess Bride, but he refused. He did talk about the movie, though! 🙂

    You looked beautiful, even if your dress was popular!

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