The Back Boobs

***Disclaimer: This is a post about how I feel about my body right now. By no means am I looking for people to say “oh no, you look fine”. There’s nothing more annoying than the girl who does that or the people who say that when I’m not looking for that. I have a pretty realistic body image and I am more confident in how I look than most girls my age. So PLEASE don’t give me comments about how I look just fine or how you look worse, please please please. That’s not what I’m looking for***

When Brent and I went to the zoo with our family we had such a lovely time. I was so excited about all of the photos we took and that there were actually some photos of me with my boys. Once we got to White Spot to have dinner I looked through all the photos and I was rather alarmed when I saw THIS


Excuse me but is there a bra for that? How come no one told me that I have this thing happening on my back? It’s like a growth or something. Anyway, I was completely mortified. I’m a really self confident person so I actually haven’t dwelled on it too much but still, action needs to be taken. I used to have the most amazing muscular back, time to bring sexy back.

It’s not just the back boobs, it’s also just an overall yucky feeling. I’ve always been saddened by people who’ve let themselves go and here I am sporting back boobs and eating hamburgers while wearing my sister’s fat pants (and she’s 13 years older than me!! I had to put that in here somewhere). I also know that my ADD and depression are so bad because I haven’t been eating well and haven’t been exercising.

Yesterday I joined my sister Jennie on her work out. She did Bootcamp a few times and now just does it by herself. She’s been looking amazing from all the working out so I figured that joining her would really help me out. She tooootally pushed me hard. We were running up hills and stairs and doing push up and jumping rope and more push ups and crunches and on and on and on. I did amazing at the bicep curls because I’m picking up kids all the time.

I didn’t realize how strong I still am but I also I didn’t realize how weak my precious little bladder is, I pretty much peed all over myself. Kegals? Tonight I’ll wear some protection for that. Tena? Jennie says that part gets better. Nothing like a warm gush every time you do a crunch. It’s soothing right? Lets just be thankful I was wearing black and also that the very buff man at 11-o-clock was wearing headphones when I looked up and said “HOLA”.

It was really fun. It’s fun to giggle with your sister as you’re struggling to do push ups. She did like 500 while I was trying for 30. I kept falling to the cool grass and laughing, it felt so good to just lay there.

Anyway, I really hope I stick with this. Doing it with someone who’s motivated really helps me. She’ll push me to come and bother me a lot if I don’t (bah, sisters!!) so I guess I’ll be showing up.

Here’s the rest of our zoo trip photos for you to enjoy.







Ikey really enjoyed himself


They just let the animals run free there


This guy was so funny staring at himself. He was very curious about the other birdie in the reflection


This guy pressed himself up against the fence BEGGING to be pet. They tell you not too but I loved him too much so I just did a little.


poor tortious


Self portrait


Self portrait of the love birds…I had the camera zoomed in too close…ha ha


that’s better. The End


  1. Those pics rock – the self portraits are lovely. Thanks for telling everyone the size of my FAT pants! You’re toast tonight. I hope 11:00 is there again.

  2. Thanks for taking me to the zoo with you it was so short but so much fun!!!!! With your new workout you’ll be losing that back part of your anatomy soon, you go girl. You inspire me, and with that I’ll go walk right now.

  3. Dude I have that on my back too! I HATE it.
    I think I looked better at 160 than I do at 142 because the back boobs haven’t gotten any smaller, just the rest of my body 🙁 OK, I think of it more as a second butt…boobs sounds better. My husband says that he doesn’t care, but I do.
    If anything works, do write about it! I feel like I’ve tried everything!

    The pictures are great. My fav is the 3rd one of Brent and Silas. And everyone’s right–you guys all have beautiful eyes 🙂

  4. I told Terry about your back boobs blog, and he asked the same question as Jilly, “Do they have nipples?” You should hit him next time you see him. Not in his bicep, that’s way too meaty.

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