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The One That Got Away

For the last year and a bit I’ve had a trusty IUD hanging out in my uteris, stopping any “invaders” from getting at my eggs.  It worked beautifully, as beautifully as I could have hoped.  Birth control, the oral kind, turns me in to a crazy person and all the other options sounded not so […]

The Diagnosis Blues

The love I have for my children is the most vulnerable and scary love in the whole world.  You put your heart out as far as it can go, almost naively, without knowing how easily broken it is.  I think every mother’s heart gets broken.   Some get broken more, some less.  This most beautiful […]

B.L.A.S.P. – ing

With every birth of a child comes a small yet significant perk for the mother.  Her body cycles slowwww down and take a little break from crazy fertility land into a nice, calm land where you don’t have to worry about cycles and late-night trips to the drug store.  It’s really the only good thing […]

I’m Finally Crying

About a year ago someone I dearly loved died. Actually, two someones. Both of my dogs I had growing up were ready to go at the same time. Baloo and Jenny (not my sister..ha ha) got to go to Heaven together. I’ve had Baloo since I was in grade 4 so I really felt like […]