Little Ball of Sunshine.

I swear my son is a little ball of sunshine and he’ll forever light up a room when he walks in.  I know I complain a lot about his short temper but when he’s not tantruming he really is this little ball of sunshine and he’s constantly making me smile…or pine for his delicious lips and cheeks and I get to kiss sometimes.  This morning I was thinking about this as we were cuddling in my bed under the sheets.  He was singing a little tune from behind his soother and I had my nose squished into his hair, trying to smell as much of it as I could before he got up.  Then he turns to me so we’re face to face and he talks about my eyes and my hair, sings a line from Jesus loves me and then gets up to smell my hair.  Then he’s gone.  He’s so stinking cheery in the mornings.  He’s so friendly with people too.  His conversations with strangers usually are “hi, hi, HAPPY, EIEI, hi, EIEI, happy happy happy, hi, EIEI…..OH.  Fan fan fan, hi hi” usually the person ends up feeling awkward and leaving but Brent and I are always smiling because our little one is so stinking cute.

Silas’ highchair is covered in animals and long ago he’d look at them and I’d ask “are those your friends?”.  I swear I haven’t said that in ages, I don’t think I have.  Last night during supper he started pointing to each one saying “friend”.  I thought it was rather clever and adorable.

Anyway, enough bragging, onto my misery…

…I’M SO CRAMPY!!  Last night I was constantly woken up by contractions but they never took and they never got regular.  Two or three here and there would wake me up.  I’d have to breathe through it and everything, it was rather painful but luckily I was able to keep falling asleep in between them.  It would take a while to fall asleep sometimes because they would radiate in my hips for a long long time, it felt awful. I woke up this morning feeling battered and achy.  This morning I still have cramps, I feel pain in my lower back and my tummy.  It happens a lot if I stand up.  I see the doc today at 2 so I’ll be sure to make him feel really sorry for me, hopefully he’ll sweep my membranes or something nice like that.  Last night I was certain I was going into labour, grrrrr.

We got a phone call last night, my brother in law Colin was in a labour of his own.  Kidney stones.  Poor kid.  Leanne was asking me what they felt like because I had a bout of them when I was pregnant with Silas.  After hearing his symptoms and knowing that a member of my husband’s family was rolling on the floor in agony (they’re all tough Mennonites) I told her to take him to the hospital ASAP.  I was worried sick for him, kidney stones really suck.  Gladly it passed around midnight and he’s home safe and sound.  I thought it weird that this would happen so close to my due date.  My step-dad was in the hospital with them for my last labour so I thought perhaps this was a sign?

Anyway, my sandwich is gone and I’m sleepy.  I think my son is sleeping so I should go ahead and do the same.  I’m having trouble putting a book down though.  I’m reading The Birth House and it’s a rather good read.  Perhaps if Silas is still awake I’ll read until he’s sleeping.  Otherwise I must nap, I must I must.

5 days left.


  1. Oh! Perhaps all of the crampiness is just early labor. Hopefully, we will hear in a couple of days that the doctor sent you straight to the hospital!

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