1 Week and 4 Days Left

Well, the baby is still inside of me.  I was hoping he’d come out yesterday but I guess he’s content to stay put for a while longer.  He’s welcome to come out now, I’m feeling very warm feelings towards him and Brent’s feeling ready for him to be out too.  Yesterday I tried some traditional methods of inducing labor and my oh my did the nipple thing work.  Apparently when you “tweak” your nips, it releases oxytocin and makes you contract.  I didn’t think it would work but after about 5 mins it started to work.  The problem was it stopped.  I couldn’t believe the quick results though, I was having some good contractions.  I’m scared to do it too much though, I don’t wanna stress out the baby more than he needs to be.  My nips are a wee bit sore now too.  I think I’ll try again after Silas’ nap to perhaps start things.  I need my nap first though.  I’m really hoping to get him out early although I’m feeling slightly un-prepared.  I need to go through my baby clothes and get all the newborn things out and washed and in his drawer.  I also need to get my overnight bag packed and ready to go as well.  I wrote down all of the instructions needed for caring for Silas during the day for whomever babysits him, the poor kid, he has no idea what’s coming to him.

I think my main stress with getting this thing out of me is stopping any more stretch marks from appearing on my tummy, I’m distraught that it’s happening this pregnancy.  When I had Silas I got them all over my breasts, thighs (inner and outer), sides, bum and calves.  Not on my tummy!  I thought at least one precious piece of me was saved but alas it is not, I’m just a stretch mark mess.  It makes me sad, I wish I could see them as a thing of beauty.

My dr’s appointment yesterday was a frustrating one,  I officially weigh more now than when I was full term with Silas even though I started off 15 pounds lighter this time :(.  I promised myself I wouldn’t possibly get here but I am.  Phooey.  The Doc said that I’m showing more and more symptoms of going into labor.  He sympathized with my frustrations of being in the last stage of pregnancy.  He’s so nice, he never gets mad at me about my weight.  I have to see another dr. once this pregnancy and he was all mean about it.  Poo on him!

Last night I got an email from someone who’s putting together a choir to sing at the Westminster Abby.  What a rare opportunity!  I was so sad to turn him down because I would have loved singing in there, it’s so beautiful and the acoustics would have been remarkable.  Plus I’d be singing with a really good choir.  They don’t just let people sing in there, especially not Catholics.  It’s some Mennonite tour that’s happening and I was invited to try out for the choir, I’m so sad.  Silly new babies ruining my opportunities!!

Silas has been a joy this morning.  Pleasant mood all morning long, playing by himself and singing constantly.  He didn’t want much to do with me which was slightly sad because when he’s so pleasant, I just want to grab him and smother him with slobber and smooches.  He had his first taste of fry bread this weekend and he gobbled it up.  Jennie’s husband is 1/2 native and he makes a mean fry bread, it was delicious to eat (and whole wheat, at least it wasn’t all bad for me!).  We took Silas to the pool that day (Monday) and he had such a good time.  He can walk so easily in the kiddie pool now.  Last time he mainly clung to me and was too scared to walk too much until more near the end.  This time he just went for it and walked all over the place.  He jumped off the side of the pool to us and enjoyed being thrown back and forth.  He also loves sitting on the top step of the hot tub and playing with toys or just completely zoning out, it really relaxes him in there.  New words are coming out of his mouth so much that I can’t keep track.  My favorite right now is “goodnight” he says it sooooo cute!

Welp, time to eat my lunch while watching Ellen before my nap.  After I wake up I hope I can conjure up enough energy to clean up my house and get more things organized.  I wish I had a maid.  Oh ya, I think Jordin is going to win American Idol!


  1. I’m very excited to meet my new little nephew! You know we’ll help out as much as we can…what do you want for suppers? And I must get organized and pull out all my little clothes to give you as well. Yay! A new baby!
    Don’t worry about the weight gain – you would never know it by looking at you. You look very cute. And you know that you’ll lose most of it in the first weeks anyway.

  2. You’re pregnancy pics look amazing so I don’t see a bad weight gain at all. I think you look fabulous!! Even touching my nipples gives me braxton hicks contractions. Makes me dream of feeling the real thing…. not cuz I’m ready for that pain, but I’m ready to be DONE!! 🙂 Oh man and it only gets worse when they aren’t so needy of us.

    You guys are helping pass the time along here…. today it was Mama Business heading in and soon it’ll be you. I’m living my days through you guys…… having something to look forward to helps pass the time here 🙂 Even though I know you’re MUCH more anxious!!

  3. Ew, the evils of stretch marks! Hang in there, mama. Soon the wee one will be here (and torturing you with new things like spit up and leaky diapers). Suddenly stretch marks are looking pretty sweet…

  4. Terry Berry will take good care of Smax. He’ll probably cuddle him even more, if there’s none of us to witness what a smushy head he is.

  5. Sounds like Silas will be well taken care of, don’t worry about him remember when you came out here in Feb. and he didn’t even know us , still he was just happy as could be while you were at the weddin’. At least stretch marks don’t hurt. I’ve been thinking to ph. but I don’t know when’s a good time.

  6. You must have pregnancy ESP with your prediction of Jordin winning! 🙂

    You look beautiful… I’m sure your belly stretch marks look fine!! 🙂

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