Husband to the Rescue

You know what?  Mini-wheats are incredibly filling.  I go through Mini-wheat phases because they really help keep me regular but I do get sick of them.  I’m going through a phase now though, I’m always so amazed by how full they keep me.  I just thought I’d let you all know that.

My husband saved the day yesterday.  I felt odd and sick and sad and he cleaned the kitchen for me and cooked supper, he even went out to get me ice cream.  Silas even woke him up once in the night last night and he got up!  Weird.  I wish I was half as generous as my husband is, he’s really wonderful.  Once Silas is in bed and we’re settled in front of the TV to watch whatever show, he wont let me get up to get anything, he always gets it for me.  Goodness I love him.

It was another 6am morning today but I am in a lighter mood because I expected it (and my house is cleanish).  I dunno what this phase is about but I guess I’m getting used to it like every other phase.  His violent phase is gone and I think I’ve had success with making him stop kicking me when I change him bum.  This boy really does catch on fast.  I fear he’s just learned something new.  I can hear bangs and giggles right now.  It seems as though he’s learned to throw.  We got out one of his simple wooden puzzles this morning for the first time but the giant grapes seem to be more fun to throw around.  He’s laughing his head off, oh my nerves.  He was sort of getting the concept of the puzzle though.  He knows the pieces go on the board but he sticks everything on the grape spot because that was the first spot I showed him.  Goodness I think the throwing has stopped, another thing to say “no no” to.

Speaking of “no no”, Silas has shown so much self control with things he knows he’s not allowed to touch.  This morning he pointed at my Brita filter on my bed-side table and said “nooo” and then went really close to it.  I could see him readying his finger to touch it but he never did.  I’m proud of him when he shows such control.

So I’m officially 34 weeks pregnant as of yesterday.  Chim Chim is still swimming around in there like a little trout.  He gets the hiccups like 4 times a day.  His hiccups yesterday were totally moving my tummy, Brent could feel them with his hand.  When I’m on my side he really likes to get under my ribs and tickle me…who knew the inside of your ribs are ticklish? (Silas is trying to put a puzzle piece on the window…) Silas never got me there, nor the inside of my hips.  Mr. Braxton Hicks is definitely here now, he’s been coming and going but now I feel them a lot.  Mainly when I’m laying on my side which was how it was with Silas.  I’m kind of weird and I like the feeling of them, I kinda always want them to hurt just a little more.  Maybe I’m craving a real contraction because I want him OUT!  He can come out in three weeks, that’s a good time to give birth.  I’m expecting him to come out early and if he doesn’t, he goes straight to his room upon arrival.  I grounded Silas the moment he came out as well, because he put me through many terrible hours of very hard labor.  I need to write his birth story on here soon so you can get a grasp of what this poor body has been through.  I’m still terrified about having two very little kids, I think there’s going to be many tears on my part at the beginning.

I see my doc today, I really don’t want him to weigh me.  I might just close my eyes and plug my ears and say “LA LA LA LA LA LA”.  He never gets mad at me about my weight, I’m just a weight gain kinda preggo lady.  It all falls off after he knows that so he’s not worried.  I still don’t like to see those #’s.  I’m estimating I’m about 185 ish.  I don’t feel or look that heavy but I am.  When I was barfing at the beginning I was within 5 pounds of my goal weight, I was 135…oh I can’t wait to be there again!!  After today I see him in two weeks then every week.  They know me by name there because we just went through this recently with the last pregnancy   Anyway, I really am babbling on and on.  I think Silas and I should hop in the shower so I’m clean in case the Dr needs to look at my “places” ha ha.

Canucks better win tonight!


  1. I’m over 185 now, but I started heavier than you. I think I’ll be ok if I end this pregnancy with a gain of 50 lbs. I know that the 20-30 (or whatever) average just isn’t going to happen for me. I swear, I could stop eating and I’d still gain weight.

    Yay for getting closer to the day! Hiccups are the weirdest feeling, aren’t they? I love it (but Kitten is small enough that it isn’t uncomfortable yet).

  2. I can’t wait to see Chim Chim! I vote for three weeks too! Do you have a name picked out? Are you keeping it a secret from all the nosy readers?

  3. I thought we had a name picked out and then last night Brent called him something else. I think we need to re-visit the name thing again. I’m off to make Silas some eggs fro lunch before we head out to the dr. office.

  4. How’s-a-bout a new picture of that little guy?…Silas I mean, not Brent 🙂 I NEED the Canucks to win now that the Flames are finished! Hi Courtney!! I can’t wait to see your little puddin again!

  5. I’ve never heard of a baby tickling your ribs from the inside. I think you might be unique. (But thanks to all those extra nipples, we already knew that. ;-))

    My second one was 8 days early, so he’s my favourite, of course. And the shortest, easiest labour. You’ll have that too, since your body hasn’t had any time to forget what to do!

  6. I’m proud of your husband my son for caring for you the way you say he does. the last mon. of pregnancy is abit of an endurance test. you do well not to worry about the weight since you lost it so well last time. let’s talk on the phone today.

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