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So I’m sitting here, on a kids chair in the bathroom watching Silas float about in the bathtub.  I’m trying to get everything ready for the new blog.  Informal Matriarchs.  I want to have everything ready for next week!!  Big challenge seeing that I have no clue what type of script I’m even working with right now.  I’m used to old HTML but I’m figuring it all out….slowly.  I used to be so much quicker at these things.

Perhaps I just need a theme generator…for cheap.  Yes indeed.

I’m just excited to have everything set up so I can go back to having massive restrictions on the computer.  I like my life a lot more when that happens.  You all know that.  It’s going to be a completely new site.  This one will still be and the new one will have a very similar address, just not quite the same.  It’ll be fun to start fresh and new.

Seeing as though I really do not have anything exciting to say, I’ll leave you with this…a few photos from a beach trip I took while I was offline.  It went horribly wrong…ugh.




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